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Option 1 1. Arnis enjoys the status of the "de jure" national sport of the Philippines as it was declared on December 11, 2002, under the Republic Act_____. * 1 point A. 9580 B. 9850 C. 5980 D.... 8590 2. The History of Arnis dates back before the colonization of the Spaniards, during those periods it was called? * 1 point A. Kali B. Bali C. Dali D. Wali 3. Players are required to show artistic Arnis movements unique to their styles/system for at least three (3) seconds when the referee says * 1 point A. "HANDA" B. "PUGAY" C. "FORWARD STANCE" D. "PO"4. Is the best-known and most systematic fighting art in the Philippines. * 1 point A. Taewondo B. Arnis C. Arnis de Mano D. Sword and Dagger 5. It is considered allied to the main cardinal rules in Arnis. * 1 point A. Respect B. Character C. Sincerity D. Etiquette 6. A cardinal principle of Arnis where the temptation of life should never undermine man in his obligation to his art, to himself and his fellow man. * 1 point A. Sincerity B. Self-Discipline C. Self-control D. Character 7. A cardinal principles of Arnis where an opponents are considered fellow human beings with dignity and should not be underestimated. * 1 point A. Sportsmanship B. Character C. Respect D. Self-Control [Show More]

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