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BIOS 242 Week 4 Midterm Exam

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1. Question: Which_ of the following_ is ‘not’ a microscopic organism that Leewenhook was able to observe under the microscope he constructed in 1674? a. Algae b. Bacteria c. Archaea d. Virus... es e. Small multicellular animals 2. Question: Which_ of the following_ is INCORRECT regarding Archaea? a. They are known as extremophiles b. They have external features called hami c. They are grouped in the domain eukarya d. They are unicellular and lack nuclei e. None of the above 3. Question: What is the name for sphere-shaped bacterial cells? a. Spirillium b. Bacillus c. Coccus d. Pleomorphic e. Vibrio 4. Question: Where do you find genetic material in a prokaryotic cell? a. Nucleoid b. Vesicles c. Nucleus d. Inclusions e. Golgi Apparatus 5. Question: Which_ of the following_ statements is INCORRECT regarding glycocalyces? a. Glycocalyces are gelatinous, sticky substances surrounding a cell. b. An example of this structure are capsules. c. They are made of a thick peptidoglycan layer. d. Glycocalyces help with protecting the cell and attachment to surfaces. e. They make up biofilms. 6. Question: What is the name for flagella covering the perimeter of the cell? a. Antitrichous b. Peritrichous c. Lophotrichous d. Monotrichous e. Multitrichous 7. Question: What is the name of the structure that transfers genetic material between bacterial cells? a. Cilia b. Axial Filament c. Fimbriae d. Conjugation Pili e. Hami 8. Question: The term used to describe a disease-causing microorganism is a. Microbe b. Bacterium c. Virus d. Pathogen e. Infection 9. Question: If a nursing student observed a typical eukaryotic cell, what would they find inside? a. Nucleolus b. Lysosome c. Mitochondria d. All of the above e. A and C [Show More]

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