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Trauma fisdap. Trauma fisdap 1. 53 yo F hit by car. Unresponsive w/ deformity to the left femur and pelvic instability. Diminished lung sounds on L side. You should? o *Perform detailed physica... l assessment/stabilize left femur with traction splint/immobilize long backboard/transport to nearest emergency room 2. 28 yo M, blunt trauma to R anterior chest. Pale, cool, diaphoretic and responsive to verbal. R 38 and shallow with paradoxical movement. What should you do? o ALS back up/02 non rebreather/stabilize chest with bulky dressing/02 with positive pressure ventilations 3. What is the most likely cause of periorbital ecchymosis? o Basicular skull fracture/ blow out fracture/ subdermal hematoma/ epidural hematoma 4. 30 yo M shot in mid thigh. Bleeding continues after partner applies direct pressure. You should? o Tourniquet/ continue pressure and transport rapidly/ elevate leg and place pressure dressing/ check for PMS 5. 28 yo Pt driver motorcycle traveling 45 mph hit parked car. Not wearing a helmet. Supine with copious amount of blood around face. Gurgling and R 4 per min. Most appropriate? o Jaw thrust without head tilt/ head tilt and jaw thrust/ chin lift without head tilt/ head lift with chin lift 6. M fell while water skiing. Unconscious. Suspect? o Head and spine injury/ hypothermia/anaphylaxis/heat related injury 7. Appropriate care for amputated extremity? o Wrap in dry gauze, seal in plastic bag, and place in cool water/ice cooler and immediate trans/moist gauze keep cool with cold packs/immerse in cool water for improved tissue preservation 8. 28 yo Pt driver motorcycle traveling 45 mph hit parked car. Not wearing a helmet. Supine with copious amount of blood around face. Gurgling and R 4 per min. Most appropriate? o Suction airway/ BVM/ C-collar/ control bleeding 9. 18 yo M holding right shin after sports related injury. Deformity and swelling; pedal pulse present. You should? o Apply board splint in position found/ stabilize limb at hip and ankle/ traction, realign limb/ ice pack and elevate limb 10. Pedestrian hit by car. Pale, cool, and diaphoretic. Oriented to name only and has difficulty breathing. BP 80/40, P 120, R 28 and shallow. 90% SPO2. You should? o BVM/ nonrebreather/ NPA/ long backboard 11. 81 yo F healthcare facility fell out of bed. Nurse suspects hip fracture. Which medication should concern you the most? o Coumadin/ albuterol/ nitro/ insulin 12. You are treating a patient with agonal respirations and gunshot wound to the chest. You notice an open skull fracture leaking brain matter. There is no radial pulse, you should? o Discontinue treatment and protect crime scene/ collect the brain matter and transport rapidly/ assess a carotid pulse and assist ventilations / begin CPR and place airway adjunct 13. A 45 year old male fell asleep outside while doing yard work. His face and lower legs are bright red with small blisters and painful on examination. You should suspect? o Both superficial and partial thickness burns/ allergic reaction due to insect bite/ both partial and full thickness burns/ alcohol intoxication lead to prolonged exposure 14. A 35 year old patient has fallen and has a deformed right lower leg. The distal extremity is pulseless and the skin is cool and cyanotic. You should? 15. You arrive on scene of a car crash. The driver is alert and complaining of severe chest and abdominal pain. His radial is weak and rapid. skin is cool, pale and moist. The patient has a history of cardiac problems. You should? 16. 47 male shot in back has cool and clammy skin with arm weakness. BP 130/90, P 76, R 24. You should suspect? 17. Injury that is most likely to require routine assessment and transport? o Deformed Wrist injury 18. After securing pt on longboard, you should immediately assess: 19. 23 year old soccer player was kicked in the chest. He is alert with rapid, shallow R and complains of chest pain. Pale, cool and wet. You should? 20. 25 yo in R distress after being stabbed in the chest. Blood is bubbling from 2cm laceration to L chest wall. Lung sounds diminished on L side. You should? 21. Early signs of decompensated shock? 22. Pt stabbed in RUQ. What organ is injured? 23. Pt with chemical burn on eye and is wearing contact lenses. You should? 24. A baseball player was hit by a baseball in the left eye and complains for double vision. What should you do? 25. First concern with conscious pt who received partial thick burns to the face is treating? 26. 22 yo F had an accident on moped. She is lying on ground; breathing well. Still wearing helmet. You should? 27. 32 yo M is unconscious after being struck in the head by a baseball bat. Has pulse but breathing is slow. Minor bleeding from a laceration at the left temple. Partner is maintaining manual C-spine stabilization. You should? 28. 28 yo M is fleeing from police and sustained 1 cm laceration shallow on forearm while climbing a rusted chain link fence. Refusing transport. What should you be concerned with? 29. Which is an open wound? 30. Woman struck in face with softball bat. Unconscious. BP 74/50, P 60, R 8. What do you do? 31. 21 yo football player hit from the side and landed head first onto the ground. Was ambulatory on scene and oriented to name only. Refusing transport and care. What should you do? o Ask team coach for assistance 32. Pt is bruising around the eyes and behind ears. What should you suspect? 33. Pt cut wrist. Wound is bleeding rapidly and is spurting with each heartbeat. Pt most likely severed? 34. Pt presents with pain and bruising to RUQ following motor vehicle collision. You should suspect injury to the? 35. 50 yo M has obvious deformed right lower leg after falling from the roof. You notice a tear in the skin over the deformity. What should you do? 36. 35 yo driver collided into telephone pole and is uncon and unrespon with severe bleeding in the mouth. You should? 37. Most important factor with person struck in chest with baseball? 38. 75 yo is involved in motor vehicle collision and can’t feel legs. BP is 80/40, P 60, R 24, you should suspect? 39. Pt was stabbed in chest and knife was removed prior to arrival. You notice blood and bubbles leaking from the wound. You cannot find occlusive dressing. You should? 40. Chest wound, crackling sensation produced by air blowing into surrounding tissues is called subcutaneous ______? 41. 40 yo M crashed snowmobile, skin cold and pale, BP 198/96, P 48, respiration is slow and irregular. What should you suspect? 42. Arrive at motor vehicle collision, pt extricated herself from vehicle and is walking around complaining of neck pain. You should? 43. 42 yo M has metal impaled in lower right leg. Obvious open fracture and no pulse in R foot, what should you do? 44. 16 yo M complains of extreme pain to chest. You notice his shirt is splashed with battery acid. BP 150/100, P weak, R 24. You should? 45. 38 yo M large bruise LUQ, following motorcycle collision. What should you suspect? 46. Unresponsive 18 yo F supine, bleeding in mouth from the nose, R20. What should you do? 47. Snowmobile rider is thrown 15 ft from vehicle. His finger is deformed and sternum is tender to palpation. Pt states “I think I’ll be okay” and refuses trans. What should you do? 48. Treating abdominal evisceration 49. 30 yo F was in minor motor vehicle accident. She is standing outside of the vehicle and complains of lower back pain. You should immobilize her using a? 50. 23 yo M received burns to feet while stomping fire. He is still wearing the shoes. The rubber soles and laces melted together. What do you do? 51. 40 yo M fell off ladder has a broken leg, and the left knee now bends the wrong way. You should? 52. 24 yo F is uncon after being struck by a car. She has ineffective breathing and bloody secretions in mouth. You should? 53. 24 yo M has burns to the eyes, nose and mouth when the radiator cap on his car blew off. Treat for? 54. Patient was found dead at the scene. GCS scale? 55. 22 yo M is ejected from the vehicle. He complains of numbness and tingling in his extremities. What should you do? 56. Appropriate management for an avulsion of the ear 57. 32 yo M has sustained facial trauma after falling off the roof. He has snoring respirations. What should you do? 58. 4 yo M, arm amputated from farming accident, how should you manage the amputated limb? 59. Adult was pinned between 2 vehicles. Pt is conscious but confused and unable to follow directions.Has bruising on both sides of anterior chest, weak carotid pulse, no peripheral pulse, clear breath sounds, distended neck vein. What should you suspect? 60. 59 yo M is trapped in the car by broken gas pedal through his foot. He’s gone into cardiac arrest. You should? 61. Knife impaled at 4th intercostal space, left sternal border, pulseless and not breathing. You should? 62. Pt is bleeding profusely from scalp. You should? 63. Pt with JVD, muffled heart sounds, clear breath sounds. You should suspect: 64. Pt suffering from most severe brain injury 65. Cause of bilateral periorbital ecchymosis 66. Pt with 4in stick in their eye. You should? 67. Pt with severe steam burns to the hand and wrist. You should? 68. 62 yo M is unrespon next to a ladder. BP 80/48, P 60, R 24. What should you suspect? 69. Pt with several wounds oozing blood. After scene size up, you should? 70. Pt with diminished breath sounds on one side. Chest rise is unequal. You should suspect? 71. 18 yo M fell off skateboard. He struck his head on the concrete and immediately started screaming. Alert and oriented to name only. You should? 72. 25 yo assault victim is spitting up light pink sputum. Has bright red blood spurting from 2in laceration to L forearm. What should you do? 73. An early indicator of shock indicates?) [Show More]

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