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AIRWAY FISDAP Fall 2021 Exam. 75 Q&A

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AIRWAY FISDAP Exam 1. A 13 year old female watching a horror movie states she can’t catch her breath and her fingers are numb. Respirations are 30 and deep with Sp02 of 100%. She is speaking in cl... ear sentences, has clear and equal breath sounds. You should? 1. Calmly reassure her, encouraging her to calmly slow her rate of breathing. 2. You have inserted an OPA for a 21 year old apneic male. How many times per minute should you ventilate him with a BVM? 1. 10 to 12 3. Proper technique to suction patient’s airway includes? 1. Oxygenating and ventilating before and after suctioning. 4. Which patient would be classified as “immediate” during an MCI? 1. 8 year old female with no respirations after 5 positive pressure ventilations. 5. When ventilating patient with BVM, what is the appropriate oxygen flow rate? 1. 15 lpm 6. An obese man complains of severe difficulty breathing. His skin is cool and moist and breathing 22 times per minute. He indicates he never goes to the doctor and often feels dizzy after walking. You should? 1. Apply a non rebreather mask at 10 lpm. 7. A 42 year old asthmatic patient complains of chest pain, shortness of breath and a violent cough that produces brownish sputum. What is the most likely cause? 1. Pneumonia 8. An 89 year old patient complains of difficulty breathing and a productive cough that has gotten worse over the past 12 hours. You should suspect? 1. Pneumonia 9. As the diaphragm and intercostal muscles relax, the chest cavity? 1. Decreases in size, causing exhalation 10. During initial assessment of an adult’s respiratory status, you should? 1. Evaluate both the respiratory rate and the rise and fall of the chest 11. In which group of patients are you likely to encounter “see-saw” breathing? 1. Pediatrics 12. Which sequence correctly traces the path oxygen takes from the atmosphere to the lungs? 1. Mouth, Pharynx, trachea, bronchi, alveoli. 13. A 16 year old asthmatic female in a tripod position complains of increased shortness of breath. SpO2 is 79%. You should administer oxygen at? 1. 10 lpm via non rebreather mask 14. A 34 year old man is saying he is choking, You note stridor and hoarseness in his voice. What should you do? 1. Encourage him to cough. 15. An unresponsive trauma patient is gurgling. When you suction the oropharynx with a rigid catheter, the patient gags. You should? 1. Assess insertion depth of the catheter. 16. Thin 54 year old male with a nonproductive cough complains of difficulty breathing. Sitting upright with hands on his knees and you see retractions. Notice oxygen tubing around the house. You should suspect medical history of? 1. Chronic bronchitis 17. Semiconscious patient’s dentures completely loosened. You should? 1. Remove dentures. 18. Carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange at the alveolar level by which process? 1. Diffusion 19. 20 year old female unable to catch breath after a minor car crash, numbness and tingling to hands and face. Vitals are P 118, R 24. What should you do? 1. High flow oxygen with a nonrebreather mask 20. Which of the following terms best describes respiratory difficulty? 1. Dyspnea 21. 56 year old female struggling to breathe with wheezing. She is unable to hold her head up or follow commands. What should you do? 1. Check airway for foreign body obstructions 22. What nerve primarily controls respiration? 1. Phrenic 23. Unresponsive 16 year old male has snoring respirations after diving in a pond and nearly drowning. You should? 1. Compressions 24. Which is an indication of an upper airway obstruction? 1. Stridor 25. What is the sound of a lower airway obstruction? 1. Wheezing [Show More]

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