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A woman's cousin gave birth to an infant with a congenital heart anomaly. The woman asks the nurse when such anomalies occur during development. Which response by the nurse is most accurate? A. "We d... on't really know when such defects occur." B. "It depends on what caused the defect." C. "They occur between the third and fifth weeks of development." D. "They usually occur in the first 2 weeks of development." - ANSWER c A woman is 8 months pregnant. She tells the nurse that she knows her baby listens to her, but her husband thinks she is imagining things. Which response by the nurse is most appropriate? A. "Many women imagine what their baby is like." B. "A baby in utero does respond to the mother's voice." C. "You'll need to ask the doctor if the baby can hear yet." D. "Thinking that your baby hears will help you bond with the baby." - ANSWER b A maternity nurse should be aware of which fact about the amniotic fluid? A. It serves as a source of oral fluid and as a repository for waste from the fetus. B. The volume remains about the same throughout the term of a healthy pregnancy. C. A volume of less than 300 ml is associated with gastrointestinal malformations. D. A volume of more than 2 L is associated with fetal renal abnormalities - ANSWER a Many parents-to-be have questions about multiple births. Maternity nurses should be able to tell them that: A. Rates of twinning and other multiple births are increasing because of the use of fertility drugs and delayed childbearing. B. Dizygotic twins (two fertilized ova) have the potential to be conjoined twins. C. Identical twins are more common in Caucasian families. D. Fraternal twins are same gender, usually male. - ANSWER a The nurse caring for a pregnant woman knows that her health teaching regarding fetal circulation has been effective when the woman reports that she has been sleeping: A. In a side-lying position. B. On her back with a pillow under her knees. C. With the head of the bed elevated. D. On her abdomen. - ANSWER a A woman at 35 weeks of gestation has had an amniocentesis. The results reveal that surface-active phospholipids are present in the amniotic fluid. The nurse is aware that this finding indicates that: A. The fetus is at risk for Down syndrome. B. The woman is at high risk for developing preterm labor. C. The lungs are mature. D. Meconium is present in the amniotic fluid - ANSWER c Which time span delineates the appropriate length for a normal pregnancy? A. 9 lunar months, 8.5 calendar months, 39 weeks, 272 days B. 10 lunar months, 9 calendar months, 40 weeks, 280 days C. 9 calendar months, 10 lunar months, 42 weeks, 294 days D. 9 calendar months, 38 weeks, 266 days - ANSWER b A pregnant woman has been diagnosed with oligohydramnios. Which presentation would the nurse suspect to find on physical examination? A. Fetus is in a breech position B. FHR baseline is within normal range C. Fetus with possible renal problems D. Increased fundal height - ANSWER c Which developmental finding is accurate with regard to fetal growth? A. Heart starts beating at 12 weeks. B. Lungs take shape by 8 weeks. C. Brain configuration is complete by 8 weeks. D. Main blood vessels form by 8 weeks - ANSWER d In reviewing the history of a woman who wants to become pregnant, which medication profile would indicate a potential concern relative to toxic exposure? (Select all that apply.) A. Tylenol OTC occasionally for a headache; twice last week B. Anticonvulsant for seizure disorder C. Lithium for bipolar disorder D. Coumadin for atrial fibrillation E. Multivitamins once a day - ANSWER b,c,d A woman is 6 weeks pregnant. She has had a previous spontaneous abortion at 14 weeks of gestation and a pregnancy that ended at 38 weeks with the birth of a stillborn girl. What is her gravidity and parity according to the GTPAL system? A. 2-0-0-1-1 B. 2-1-0-1-0 C. 3-1-0-1-0 D. 3-0-1-1-0 - ANSWER c Over-the-counter (OTC) pregnancy tests usually rely on which technology to test for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)? A. Radioimmunoassay B. Radioreceptor assay C. Latex agglutination test D. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) - ANSWER d A nurse teaches a pregnant woman about the presumptive, probable, and positive signs of pregnancy. The woman demonstrates understanding of the nurse's instructions if she states that a positive sign of pregnancy is: A. A positive pregnancy test result. B. Fetal movement palpated by the nurse-midwife. C. Braxton Hicks contractions. D. Quickening. - ANSWER b During a client's physical examination, the nurse notes that the lower uterine segment is soft on palpation. The nurse would document this finding as: A. Hegar sign. B. McDonald sign. C. Chadwick sign. D. Goodell sign. - ANSWER a Cardiovascular system changes occur during pregnancy. Which finding would be considered normal for a woman in her second trimester? A. Less audible heart sounds (S1, S2) B. Increased pulse rate C. Increased blood pressure D. Decreased red blood cell (RBC) production - ANSWER b A woman who has completed one pregnancy with a fetus (or fetuses) reaching the stage of fetal viability is called a: A. Primipara B. Primigravida C. Multipara D. Nulligravida - ANSWER a Which presumptive sign (felt by woman) or probable sign (observed by the examiner) of pregnancy is not matched with another possible cause(s)? A. Amenorrhea—stress, endocrine problems B. Quickening—gas, peristalsis C. Goodell sign—cervical polyps D. Chadwick sign—pelvic congestion - ANSWER c In order to reassure and educate pregnant clients about changes in their blood pressure, maternity nurses should be aware that: A. A blood pressure cuff that is too small produces a reading that is too low; a cuff that is too large produces a reading that is too high. B. Shifting the client's position and changing from arm to arm for different measurements produces the most accurate composite blood pressure reading at each visit. C. The systolic blood pressure increases slightly as pregnancy advances; the diastolic pressure remains constant. D. Compression of the iliac veins and inferior vena cava by the uterus contributes to hemorrhoids in the later stage of term pregnancy. - ANSWER c Which hematocrit (HCT) and hemoglobin (HGB) results represent the lowest acceptable values for a woman in the third trimester of pregnancy? A. 38% HCT; 14 g/dL HGB B. 35% HCT; 13 g/dL HGB C. 33% HCT; 11 g/dL HGB D. 32% HCT; 10.5 g/dL HGB - ANSWER c A pregnant patient is experiencing some integumentary changes and is concerned that they may represent abnormal findings. The nurse provides information to the patient [Show More]

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