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The nurse is gathering data from a client with a phobia. The client tells the nurse that he consistently avoids attending community functions because he fears that he will be asked to speak publicly t... o the members. On the basis of this information, the nurse determines that the client is experiencing which problem? - ANS Social phobia On data collection, which behavior should the nurse expect a client diagnosed with agoraphobia to describe? - ANS A fear of leaving the house The wife of a client who abuses alcohol tells the nurse she cannot "do it alone" any longer and asks the nurse about the availability of any free support services for "people like me." The nurse refers the client's wife to which community group? - ANS Al-Anon The nurse in the mental health unit reviews the therapeutic and nontherapeutic communication techniques with a nursing student. Which are therapeutic communication techniques? Select all that apply. - ANS Restating Listening Maintaining neutral responses Providing acknowledgment and feedback A client has been brought to the emergency department after attempting to commit suicide by hanging. The nurse should take which nursing action first? - ANS Examine the neck area and assess the airway. T mental health nursing ati,mental health nursing review,#atimentalhealth,jamal haki ati,psychiatric mental health nursing,jamal haki mental health nurse,jamal haki ati mental health,introduction to mental health nursing,#jamalhakiati,jamal haki ati level 3,ati mental health 2019 level 3 first try,patient rights,jamal haki psych nurse,student nurse,practical nurse,nurse jamal haki,cathy parkes ati,#jamalhaki,ati tutorial video,nursing ethical principles [Show More]

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