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ATI PEDIATRICS PROCTORED EXAM (LATEST and VERIFIED) hand preference Correct Answer: all kids normally show hand preference by 1 year old plaster casts Correct Answer: -heavy -not water resistan... t -dry in 10-72 hrs fiberglass casts Correct Answer: -light weight -water resistant -dry in 15-20 min types of traction Correct Answer: Skin traction: -Buck -Bryant -Russell Skeletal traction Halo traction -cervical traction care for traction Correct Answer: -assess pin sites -ensure hardware is tight -ensure bed is in correct position -ensure weights do not touch floor Halo: ensure wrench is readily available surgical intervention for scoliosis Correct Answer: -realign (2 rods on either side of spine) -internal fixation -fusion The child is prescribed lanoxin (Digoxin) 75 mcg PO qd. The pharmacy supplies lanoxin (Digoxin) 0.05mg scored tablets. How many tablets will the nurse administer? Record your answer using one decimal place. Correct Answer: 1.5 tablets The physician orders the patient a 10-mL/kg normal saline bolus to infuse over 2 hours. The child weighs 36 kg. Calculate the infusion rate in mL/hr. Correct Answer: 180 mL/hr What happens to the voice during epiglottitis? Correct Answer: it becomes hoarse Leukotreine modifiers Correct Answer: -Blocks leukotriene receptors or synthesis of leukotrienes (Singulair) -Side effects: headache, nausea, abdominal pain, increase infections if over age 55, depression, suicidal, aggression -Generally well tolerated. -Monitor for improvement in symptoms Cromolyn (Intal) and nedocomil (Tilade) Correct Answer: -Anti-inflammatory agents that inhibit release of histamine, leukotrienes, -Prevention or maintenance drugs -Administered by inhalation, onset of action in 2-4 weeks -Side effects: cough, headache, throat irritation, GI upset Long acting beta-adrenergics Correct Answer: -Salmeterol (Serevent) -used twice daily -Added to anti-inflammatory therapy -Not for acute symptoms due to onset of action in 20 minutes with peak in 3-4 hours Lortab Correct Answer: tylenol with hydrocodone dornase alpha Correct Answer: decreases viscosity of secretions (thins mucous) for CF patients tobramycin Correct Answer: aerosolized antibiotics used for CF Norwood procedure Correct Answer: -Treats hypoplastic left heart -3 stages -done shortly after birth -Right ventricle is converted: connects aorta to right ventricle -Between step 1&2 is highest risk for death -bi-directional Glenn operation (stage 2, under 6 mo. old) -superior vena cava redirected to lungs -Fontan operation (1.5-3 yrs old) -inferior vena cava redirected to lungs Heart transplant is another option Biot's respirations Correct Answer: periods of apnea alternating with 2 or 3 shallow breaths Cheyne-Stokes respirations Correct Answer: periods of apnea alternating with periods of hyperventilation What gauge needle should be used when administering an immunization to a toddler? Correct Answer: 24 gauge sodium normal range Correct Answer: 135-145 Recommended play activities for infant, toddler, preschool, and school age children Correct Answer: Infant: play pat-a-cake Toddler: push-pull toy Preschool: play dress-up School age: create a scrapbook protecting against SIDS Correct Answer: -supine to sleep -empty bed: firm mattress only -breastfeeding -use of pacifier while sleeping manifestations of pneumonia in infants Correct Answer: nasal flaring increased WBCs diarrhea abdominal distention steps to take during a tonic-clonic seizure Correct Answer: **FIRST: assist child to side-lying position on the floor then... -apply O2 mask -clear immediate area -loosen restrictive clothing A nurse is preparing to administer ibuprofen f5 mg/kg q6h PRN for temps above 38 degrees F to an infant who weights 17.6 lb. The infant has a temp of 38.4. Available is ibuprofen liquid 100 mg/5 mL. How many mL should the nurse administer to the infant per dose? Round to nearest whole number. Correct Answer: 2 mL What is an indication of IICP in a child with a concussion? Correct Answer: forceful vomiting What is an expected finding of endocarditis? Correct Answer: headache What is an expected finding in a school-age child with glomerulonephritis? Correct Answer: brown colored urine McBurney's point Correct Answer: -lower right abdomen -pain in appendicitis teaching to parents of child with juvenile idiopathic arthritis Correct Answer: -exercise large joints regularly -encourage child to perform independent self-care -provide a firm mattress for sleeping -discourage daytime naps because stiffness can occur quickly Celiac disease expected findings Correct Answer: -steatorrhea -distended abdomen -weight loss What type of vomiting is common with pyloric stenosis? Correct Answer: projectile vomiting management of tinea pedis Correct Answer: -avoid wearing plastic shoes -wear sandals as much as possible What is used to treat scabies lesions? Correct Answer: permethrin 5% cream For what disease should non-washable items be sealed in a plastic bag for 14 days? Correct Answer: pediculosis manifestation of pertussis Correct Answer: dry hacking cough manifestation of acute streptococcal pharyngitis Correct Answer: inflamed throat with exudate manifestation of bacterial conjunctivitis Correct Answer: purulent eye drainage Koplik spots Correct Answer: rubeola (measles securing an infant's car seat Correct Answer: lower anchors and tethers (the LATCH child safety system) when this is available the seatbelt does not have to be used Where should the car seat harness in rear-facing car seat be positioned? Correct Answer: at or just below the infant's shoulders At what angle should an infant's car seat be placed? Correct Answer: 45 degree angle 1. Who should the FACES pain rating scale be used for? 2. Who should the numeric pain rating scale be used for? 3. Who should the CRIES pain assessment scale be used for? 4. Who should the non communicating children's pain checklist be used for? Correct Answer: 1) 3+ yrs old 2) 5+ yrs old 3) infants 4) pediatric clients with cognitive impairments Diabetes insipidus lab values Correct Answer: -dilute urine/low specific gravity -high sodium [Show More]

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