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Chapter 22: Spiritual Health Yoost & Crawford: Fundamentals of Nursing: Active Learning for Collaborative Practice, 2nd Edition

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1. The student nurse asks why he needs to assess a patient’s spirituality when he can call the chaplain. What response by the nurse is best? a. “This way you learn what is involved in a spiritua... l assessment.” b. “Students need to perform all aspects of patient care.” c. “Regulatory organizations list this as a required BSN competence.” d. “All patients should have a spirituality assessment.” 2. The nurse is caring for four patients. Which one should the nurse assess for spirituality needs as a priority? a. New mother, older child at home. b. Faces terminal diagnosis. c. Needs to change medications. d. Pleasant but quiet. 3. A patient has the Nursing diagnosis Spiritual Distress. What assessment by the patient best indicates that an important goal has been met? a. Observed praying quietly. b. Indecisive about treatment. c. Asks nurse if God exists. d. Executes living will. 4. The nurse concerned about a patient’s spiritual needs can best address this by which action? a. Leaving a note on the chart for other professionals b. Calling the chaplain to come see the patient c. Collaborating during interdisciplinary rounds d. Informing the provider of the patient’s needs 5. A patient is hesitating to accept a blood transfusion as a course of treatment. What Nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for this patient? a. Spiritual distress b. Anxiety c. Moral distress d. Decisional conflict 6. A patient is finding conflict when trying to maintain personal beliefs while making health care decisions. What Nursing diagnosis is a priority as the nurse plans care? a. Spiritual distress b. Impaired religiosity c. Moral distress d. Decisional conflict 7. A patient asks the nurse to pray with him. The nurse is an atheist and uncomfortable with this request. What action by the nurse is best? a. Deny the request because of atheistic beliefs. b. Offer to call the chaplain instead. c. Agree to sit with the patient while he prays. d. Ask the patient if he will meditate instead. [Show More]

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