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A public health nurse is planning a community health promotion program for hypertension prevention. Which of the following interventions should the nurse include as a tertiary prevention strategy? ... Provide education about risk factors for hypertension. Conduct a hypertension screening clinic for the community. Teach clients who have a family history of hypertension how to monitor blood pressure. Implement an exercise program for clients who have hypertension. A school nurse is serving on a community disaster planning committee looking at school shooting scenarios. Which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take during the response phase? Conduct ongoing assessments to identify potential hazards. Provide disaster training to school personnel. Perform triage and provide hands-on care as needed to victims. Serve as a liaison between available community resources and those in need. A school nurse is discussing levels of prevention with a teacher. Which of the following activities should the nurse identify as a primary prevention strategy? Provide nutritional counseling for students who have diabetes. Report suspected child neglect to the proper authorities. Conduct vision and hearing screening for kindergarten enrollment. Demonstrate proper handwashing techniques. [Show More]

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