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Rasmussen College NURSING 2058 Dimensions Exam 1 Study guide

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Dimensions Exam 1: Study Guide Chapter 1 1.Identify the most important element in nursing’s attempt to gain full autonomy of practice. A) Economic exploitation of nurses B) Maintaining the education... system for nurses as it is now C) Gaining and maintaining control of nursing practice by nurses D) Restricting the latitude of decisions made by nurses 2. In its attempt to gain freedom and independence, what corresponding factors must the nursing profession embrace? A) Health and happiness B) Chaos and disorder C) Loss of control and negative feedback D) Responsibility and accountability 3. Select the most effective method that nurses can use to gain power over their practice. A) Use strikes and union tactics to increase pay. B) Join professional organizations in large numbers. C) Leave nursing as soon as better jobs come along. D) Confront hospital administrators about poor staffing. 4. What allows a nurse to exert referent power over a client when providing nursing care? A) The ability to withhold pain medication if the client does not comply with routines B) The ability to provide the client with additional food when he or she does comply with the nurse’s requests C) The power given to the nurse by reason of state licensure D) The establishment of a professional and personal relationship with the client 5.What is a group of jobs that is similar in type of work and found throughout an industry or country? A) Position B) Occupation C) Profession D) Stint 6. Which of the following types of nurses are classified as technical nurses? A) BSNs and MSNs B) LPNs and ADNs C) LVNs and BSNs D) UAPs and BSNs 7. Identify the approach that describes a profession as being in a continual state of development along a continuum. A) Trait approach B) Power approach C) Process approach D) Educational approach [Show More]

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