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TNCC Cardiac Review. 2022/23. Graded A+

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Modifiable risk for CAD? - ✔✔High Cholesterol, Obesity 2. Acute MI showing dysrhythmias. Which IV med should be pushed? - ✔✔Lidocaine 3. For a Pt with Chronic arterial insufficiency, what wo... uld show he needs further instruction? - ✔✔"I will drink hot coffee several times a day to increase the circulation and warmth in my feet" 4. Patient has right side heart failure. What position will they be comfortable in? - ✔✔Dorsal Recumbent 5. Pt has Dx of heart failure with a New York Heart Association classification IV. This indicates the patient's condition as: - ✔✔Severe Heart Failure 6. Patient with NYHA classification IV and is requesting to ambulate to the bathroom. Which is most appropriate? - ✔✔Offer a urinal or bedpan 7. Patient with NYHA classification IV with edema in lower extremities +4. What should the nurse do to aid with decreasing the edema? - ✔✔Elevate lower extremities 8. A patient with Buerger's disease. Most important aspect of patient compliance in order to decrease signs and symptoms of this is: - ✔✔Not smoking 9. Patient has heart failure. His physician's order include complete bed rest. Nurse knows that this means he: - ✔✔Must remain as quiet as possible, with any task requiring physical effort done for him10. An old term defined as the condition in which the patient suffers peripheral or pulmonary congestion is called: - ✔✔Congestive Heart Failure 11. Patient with infective endocarditis. Nurse identifies the nursing diagnosis of activity intolerance related to generalized weakness for him. Which intervention does the nurse plan while he is febrile? - ✔✔Decreased activity 12. Patient with a history of dysrhythmias is to wear a Holter monitor. Nurse should explain that Holter monitoring: - ✔✔Is a portable EKG device 13. After flu-like illness, patient complains of chills and small petechiae in his mouth and legs. A heart murmur is detectable. These are characteristic signs of: - ✔✔Infective Endocarditis 14. The patient achieves comfort in breathing only when he assumes a sitting position. During the charting of this position, the nurse can describe this as: - ✔✔Orthopnea 15. What is defined as a distended dilated segment of an artery? - ✔✔Aneurysm 16. A patient is admitted with a diagnosis of possible aortic aneurysm. In assessing her, it is most important to monitor her: - ✔✔Blood pressure 17. A patient, age 65, has chronic angina pectoris. Her daughter had questions about the proper use of nitro for pain management. She was unsure about how many times she should take nitro for an episode of angina. The best reply of the nurse is: - ✔✔"If the pain isn't relieved after 3 doses of nitro at 5-min intervals, call the doctor and come back to the hospital" 18. Patient has been hospitalized for CHF three times in the last 4 months. While preparing the discharge teaching plan, the nurse assesses that he doesn't comply with his medication regimen. The nurses immediate action is: - ✔✔Collect more info to identify his reasons for noncompliance 19. Dependent edema of the extremities, enlargement of the liver, oliguria, jugular vein distension, and abdominal distension are s/s of: - ✔✔Right-Sided Heart Failure20. A patient with newly diagnosed HTN tells nurse he uses alot of salt on his foods and has not been able to lose 30 lbs that he has gained in last 10 years. He doesn't understand why he as HTN since he's not an anxious person. Which nursing diagnosis does the nurse identify for this patient? - ✔✔Ineffective health maintenance related to lack of knowledge of disease process and management 21. A patient, 72, was admitted to the medical unit with a diagnosis of angina pectoris. Characteristic s/s of angina pactoris include: - ✔✔Substernal pain that radiates down the left arm 22. 56 y/o patient was admitted to the emergency room with an MI. Cardiac enzymes were drawn. In a patient with an MI, which lab values would be abnormal? - ✔✔Elevated levels of serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT) (AST), Creatine phosphokinase (CPK-MB), and Lactic dehydrogenase (LDH), Troponin 1 23. Patient, Age 26,is hospitalized with cardiomyopathy. While obtaining a nursing Hx from her, the nurse sees that increased incidence of cardiomyopathy in young adults who have minimal ris factors for heart disease is related to: - ✔✔Cocaine use 24. Restlessness, diaphorisis, severe dyspnea, tachypnea, hemotysis, audible wheezing, and crackles are s/s of: - ✔✔Pumonary Edema 25. Nurse identifies problem of potential complication--pulmonary edema--for a patient in acute CHF. For which early symptom of this problem does the nurse asses? - ✔✔Pink, frothy sputum 26. A patient has a diagnosis of heart failure. When the nurse walks into his room he is leaning over his bedside table and is short of breath. The medical term to describe his respiratory status is: - ✔✔Orthopnea 27. During the nursing history and physical assessment of a patient with left-sided heart failure, which finding might the nurse expect related to the patient's diagnosis? - ✔✔Orthopnea with bubbling crackles throughout the lungs28. When providing discharge teaching to a patient with endocarditis regarding prevention of infections, what would the nurse stress? - ✔✔Take antibiotics as prescribed 29. A patient has been admitted after the insertion of a pacemaker because of bradycardia. She asks what third-degree heart block is, and the nurse replies - ✔✔"A defect in AV junctions slows and impairs conduction of impulses from the SA node to the ventricles." 30. In evaluating pain for the management of myocardial infarction, the most important aspect using objective data is - ✔✔patient's vital signs during painful periods 31. A patient with angina pectoris is being discharged with nitroglycerin tablets. Which of the instructions does the nurse include in the teaching? - ✔✔"When your chest pain begins, lie down and place one tablet under your tongue. If the pain continues, take another tablet in 5 minutes." 32. A type of medication useful for preventing venous thrombus is - ✔✔low-molecular-weight heparin 33. A thrombectomy is done to - ✔✔prevent the flow of emboli to the lungs 34. A patient has a diagnosis of heart failure. When the nurse walks into his room, he is orthopneic. The patient is - ✔✔sitting or standing in order to breathe deeply and comfortably 35. Which nursing intervention reduces myocardial oxygen demand? - ✔✔Elevating the head of the bed 30 to 45 degrees 36. There is a strong relationship between Buerger's disease (thromboangiitis obliterans) and - ✔✔Smoking 37. In older adults, rapid infusion of fluids can lead to - ✔✔Heart failure38. Edema and pulmonary congestion are treated with - ✔✔Diuretics, restriction of sodium diet and fluid intake 39. Modifiable risk factors for coronary artery disease include - ✔✔weight, diet, exercise 40. Which would be included in teaching for patients with Raynaud's disease? - ✔✔Use mittens in cold weather, Practice stress-reducing techniques, Complete smoking cessation, Use caution when cleaning the refrigerator or freezer 41. Which information should be taught to patients starting on anticoagulant therapy? - ✔✔Take medication at the same time each day, Report to physician cuts that don't stop bleeding with direct pressure 42. Which statements are true? - ✔✔Anticoagulant therapy is used for DVT prevention, Anticoagulant therapy prevents development of new clots, embolization, and clot extension, Pulmonary embolus is a life-threatening complication requiring treatment with anticoagulant therapy 43. Which patient teaching would help to prevent venous stasis? - ✔✔Avoid crossing legs at the knee, Elevate legs when lying in bed or sitting, Wear elastic stockings when ambulating 44. The functions of the cardiovascular system are to: - ✔✔Deliver O2 and nutrients to cells; Removed CO2 and waste products from the cells 45. Three kinds of blood vessels are organized for carrying blood to and from the heart - ✔✔Veins, Arteries, Capillaries 46. When assessing a patient with a myocardial infarction (MI), which is objective data? - ✔✔HTN, Vomiting, Diaphoresis, Cardiac rhythm changes 47. Which are signs of digoxin (Lanoxin) toxicity? - ✔✔Nausea, Bradycardia, Headache, VISUAL DISTURBANCE [Show More]

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