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Records Management - PreTest JKO

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O NATO information is considered a special handling category and must be managed accordingly - ✔✔true your directorate records manager and other IMD personnel can assist you with: - ✔✔All ... answers are correct Information requiring special handling generally does not involve controlled access via special access folders or controlled storage - ✔✔true Top-5 JSAP actions are considered permanent, historical information, and are stored in the official Joint Staff repository. - ✔✔true If unable to contact your designated Records Officer for assistance, you can contact: - ✔✔Joint Staff Information Management Division While discouraged, if a personal email account must be used to conduct Joint Staff business, the sender must either send a copy of the original email to an official government email account, or forward a complete copy of the email to an official government email account no later than 20 days after the original is transmitted. - ✔✔true When information is no longer needed for business use, it may still be needed in the future for what purpose? - ✔✔All answers are correct Email is information that does not have to be managed. - ✔✔false Official information is considered government property and is managed in accordance with Joint Staff policy. - ✔✔true An example of personal information is a journal of daily events - ✔✔true Some examples of Temporary Information are decision briefs and reports to congress. - ✔✔false On the Joint Staff, each J-Directorate, the Directorate of Management (DOM) and the Top-5 office have designated individuals appointed to assist you with managing your information. They are referred to as: - ✔✔Records Officers Information that is created and maintained in Joint Staff-managed spaces and systems must be: - ✔✔all of the above [Show More]

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