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Week 1 BIOL 180 Quiz 1. Questions and Answers. American Military University

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Part 1 of 5 - Part 1: Text Material 36.0 Points Question 1 of 33 3.0 Points What process do scientists use as a way to perform research with defined steps that include experiments and careful obse... rvation?  A. A clean lab bench  B. The right hypothesis  C. The scientific method  D. A journal article Feedback:The scientific method is a tested series of steps so that a researcher can successfully and reliably reach a conclusion for an observation. Review the nature of science in Chapter 1 Question 2 of 33 3.0 Points What is adaptation due to?  A. a consequence of evolution by natural selection  Week 1 BOIL 180 Quiz 1 B. response to touching a thorn on a plant  C. altering reproduction from single to multi-cell  D. a change in eating habits due to health issues Feedback:Great. Question 3 of 33 3.0 Points What is an example of a response to stimuli in a living organism?  A. A plant bending towards the sun  B. A bear hibernating in the winter  C. A fungi crawling away from a person  D. A bacteria taking up nutrients from the soil Feedback:Great. Question 4 of 33 3.0 Points Which statement would be a hypothesis using the scientific method?  A. My grass is not growing.  B. If my sprinklers are not working, then my flowers will also die.  C. I turn on my sprinklers.  D. Why isn’t my grass growing?  E. There must be something wrong with my sprinkler. Feedback:Remember, the hypothesis works to answer your question, and a prediction is based on the hypothesis, so they may sound similar. Review the scientific process in Chapter 1. Question 5 of 33 3.0 Points Which type of science seeks to expand knowledge regardless of the short-term application of that knowledge?  A. applied  B. empirical  C. natural  D. basic Feedback:Great. Question 6 of 33 3.0 Points What is the term for an organisms' ability to maintain constant internal conditions even when environmental conditions change?  A. Equilibrium  B. Equality  C. Homeostasis  D. Centered Feedback:Great. Question 7 of 33 3.0 Points Which type of science seeks to use science to solver real-world problems?  A. applied  B. natural  C. empirical  D. basic Feedback:Great. Question 8 of 33 3.0 Points What is the first step in the scientific process?  A. Observation  B. Hypothesis formation  C. Prediction  D. Data collection Feedback:Great job. Question 9 of 33 3.0 Points Which scientific name is written in the proper format?  A. Homo sapiens  B. Homo sapiens  C. Homo Sapiens  D. Homo Sapiens Feedback: Remember for proper formatting of a scientific name: the genus is capitalized, the species is not and the entire thing (genus and species) is in italics. Read more on the diversity of life in Chapter 1. Question 10 of 33 3.0 Points What is the main reason offspring will belong to the same species as the parents?  A. They share the same habitat.  B. They share the same environment.  C. They share the same food.  D. They share the same genes. Feedback:Great. Question 11 of 33 3.0 Points What is the correct order from highest level to lowest level of taxonomic hierarchy?  A. Genus, species, order, family  B. Family, order, genus, species  C. Order, family, genus, species  D. Species, genus, family, order Feedback:All organisms can be separated into groups based on differences and/or commonalities, dubbed taxonomy. Read more on the diversity of life in Chapter 1. Question 12 of 33 3.0 Points Which is a single cell that lacks membrane bound organelles?  A. Ribosomes  B. Prokaryote  C. Eukaryote  D. Nucleolus Feedback:Great. Part 2 of 5 - Part 1: Text Material - B 36.0 Points Question 13 of 33 3.0 Points Which of the following is correct?  A. Evolution is widely accepted based on scientific data and evidence.  B. Since evolution occurred in the past it cannot be studied scientifically.  C. Evolution is a just a theory that has little evidence to support it  D. One important fact of evolution is that organisms evolve on purpose. Feedback:Great job. Question 14 of 33 3.0 Points What is an example of gene flow?  A. In a population flowers that carry purple alleles are pollinated more often.  B. Purple alleles result in allopatric speciation.  C. Purple alleles are introduced into population by migration.  D. A new purple allele arises in the population by mutation. Feedback:Review Chapter 11. Question 15 of 33 3.0 Points Homologous structures:  A. evolve from a common ancestor.  B. result from divergent evolution.  C. occur in unrelated species.  D. are a result of the bottleneck effect. Feedback:Great job. Question 16 of 33 3.0 Points What is microevolution?  A. the field of study which examine allele frequencies.  B. due to detrimental effects on fitness.  C. the change that gives rise to new species.  D. the change in allele frequency in a population. Feedback:Review Chapter 11. Question 17 of 33 3.0 Points How did Darwin define evolution?  A. descent with modification  B. adaptation to climate  C. inheritance of acquired characteristics  D. change in allele frequency over time Feedback:Great job. Question 18 of 33 3.0 Points What is one of the three principles that results in natural selection?  A. Resources are unlimited and arise from the endless supply of energy from the sun.  B. Inheritance of acquired characteristics creates a strong evolutionary force.  C. Individuals in a population have the same ability to survive and reproduce.  D. Characteristics are inherited from parent to offspring. Feedback:Great job. Question 19 of 33 3.0 Points Which situation can result in genetic drift?  A. rapid adaptation  B. bottleneck effect  C. convergent evolution  D. butterfly effect Feedback:Great job. Question 20 of 33 3.0 Points What is a vestigial structure?  A. A physical characteristic that does not have a function but does have a function in ancestral species.  B. An anatomical trait that changes during development from small to large.  C. An analogous characteristic that is similar between unrelated species.  D. A trait that results from a particular type of mutation during development. Feedback:Great job. Question 21 of 33 3.0 Points Which of the following is accurate about mutation?  A. Mutation causes gene flow between populations.  B. Mutation results from bottleneck events.  C. Mutation is the ultimate source of novel variation.  D. Mutation alone is a strong mechanism of evolution. Feedback:Although there are many processes that can change allele frequencies in a population, only mutation can result in new variation. Read more in Chapter 11. Question 22 of 33 3.0 Points What is the change in a population’s allele frequency from one generation to the next that is due to chance known as?  A. mutation  B. natural selection  C. migration  D. genetic drift Feedback:Great job. Question 23 of 33 3.0 Points What does the famous quote from Theodosius Dobzhansky “Nothing makes sense in biology except in the light of evolution”?  A. This quote means that the thermodynamic principles that govern light are important to how organisms have diversified over time.  B. This quote means that all other questions in biology are tied together by the diversification over time from a common ancestor.  C. This quote means that many questions about evolution are still being answered so we should seek to understand those first.  D. This quote means that since every species eventually goes extinct we must try to understand biology before this happens. Feedback:Great job. Question 24 of 33 3.0 Points A classic scientific study showed that crayfish on one side of the isthmus of Panama were more closely related to other species on the other side of the isthmus than to each other. The most likely explanation for this result is:  A. gene flow  B. vicariance  C. mutation  D. dispersal Feedback:Great job. Part 3 of 5 - Part 2: Lecture 12.0 Points Question 25 of 33 3.0 Points Biology is the study of life, as such it is focused on the things that are living or called what?  A. Auxiliary  B. Inorganic  C. Vital  D. Biotic  E. Abiotic Feedback:Great job! Question 26 of 33 3.0 Points A plant physiologist notices a group of trees growing all in one direction, contrary to what she thinks should happen. This is an example of what part of the scientific method?  A. Experiment  B. Conclusion  C. Hypothesis  D. Observation  E. Question Feedback:Great job. Question 27 of 33 3.0 Points It is important to understand issues of the modern world but separating what in current literature?  A. News articles and social media  B. Television shows and magic  C. Valid science and pseudoscience  D. Interesting articles and boring articles Feedback:Great job. Question 28 of 33 3.0 Points A molecular biologist notices something different in the genetic profile of an individual, performs careful research, and thinks he discovers a new gene responsible for high blood pressure in humans. The last step is an example of what part of the scientific method?  A. Hypothesis  B. Observation  C. Conclusion  D. Question  E. Experiment Feedback:Great job. Part 4 of 5 - Part 3: Lab 12.0 Points Question 29 of 33 3.0 Points According to this week’s Lesson, which of the following topics did the Pew Research Center report discrepancies in opinion between the general public and scientists?  A. Human genomics  B. Stem cells  C. Evolution  D. Climate Change  E. In vitro fertilization Feedback:For instance, the public’s opinion is skewed from that of the scientific community with regards to genetically altered foods and nuclear power. Review the public opinion section located in the Week 1 Lab ELF Lesson. Question 30 of 33 3.0 Points Which of the following is considered proper lab attire?  A. Tank tops  B. Protective eyewear  C. Open-toed shoes  D. Baggy clothing  E. Hair down Feedback:Correct! Proper lab attire should include means to protect your skin and eyes, as well as prevent any unnecessary injuries. Question 31 of 33 3.0 Points Which of the following is the second step in the scientific method?  A. Experiment  B. Data Analysis  C. Prediction  D. Hypothesis  E. Observation Feedback:Correct! The scientific method is a systematic, multi-step process by which scientists test hypotheses. Question 32 of 33 3.0 Points Which of the following should be avoided in the lab environment?  A. Drinking water or eating food  B. Using designated disposal areas for sharp tools  C. Wearing clothes that cover shoulders and legs  D. Using caution and common sense  E. Washing hands after doing lab work Feedback:Correct! Lab safety includes using proper protocol of dispensing materials, wearing proper lab attire to protect your skin and eyes, and avoiding the possible consumption of tainted food or drink. Part 5 of 5 - Random draw from 180 - 1 Question 4 pts 4.0 Points Question 33 of 33 4.0 Points What is a good basic definition of biology?  A. The science that studies chemicals.  B. The science that studies art.  C. The science that studies death.  D. The science that studies life.  E. The science that studies rocks. Feedback:Great [Show More]

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