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1. At the end of a 12-hour shift the PN observes the urine in a client’s drainage. What action should the PN take next? Note the most recent white blood count 2. Thirty minutes after receiving IV ... morphine, a postoperative male client continue to rate his pain...what action should the PN implement first? Implement complementary pain relief methods 3. The PN is assisting a female client to obtain a voided specimen for uri. .meatus. Which intervention is performed next? Initiate the urine stream? 4. An 8-year old is placed in 90-90 traction for a fractured femur that resulted from. .further action by the PN? Weights are touching the foot of the bed 5. The PN is reviewing diet instructions with a female client who has hyper. .she has increased her intakes of protein and calories. What action should the PN take? Encourage the client to continue the dietary changes she has made 6. The PN reviews the procedure for measuring fluid intake and output glomerulonephritis and is Preparing for discharge from the hospital. What... -why the fluid measurements need to be recoded 7. The nurse is changing the dressing on a client’s wound. The nurse understands which of the following symptoms indicate a wound infection? Redness over 1 cm wide on per wound skin and tenderness 8. The nurse is developing a teaching plan for a client who is going home with a tracheostomy tube. Which of the following is the MOST important part of the teaching plan? The family of a client should know what to do in a case of emergency, i.e.: clogged tracheostomy tube and how to suction the client. 9. A 64-year-old male client comes to the provider’s office and complains of both legs hurting him when he walks a few blocks in his neighborhood. He states “When I sit down for a while, the pain eases off, but if I start walking a few blocks more, the pain comes back. The nurse recognizes this symptom may be related to peripheral vascular disease and is called what? Intermittent claudication 10. A narrowing and hardening of the arteries is called: Arteriosclerosis 11. A client has clusters of small vesicles over the thoracic region and describes severe pain and itching of the affected areas. Herpes zoster is diagnosed, and the client will be treated with which of these medications? Acyclovir (Zorivax) 12. When administrating oxygen to clients with conditions such as emphysema, it is important for the nurse to remember which one of the following facts as most important The drive to breathe may be dependent on low levels of oxygen in the blood 13. The nurse is preparing to instruct the client with pneumonia on managing the disease after discharge from the hospital. Which of the following is consistent with appropriate discharge planning for this client? Take all medications until they are finished, as ordered by MD 14. Immediately after sustaining severe burn wounds, the nurse would anticipate the client’s initial nutritional needs would usually be met by which of these methods? Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) 15. Which of the following measures should the nurse take when care for a client with TB in an acute care facility? Double-bag and dispose of client secretions as infectious waste 16. The most important nursing intervention for the nurse to remember in administrating Digoxin to a client is to? Take apical pule and withhold med is pulse is <60 17. The nurse is performing a respiratory assessment on a new client who has come to the clinic. On inspection of the anterior and posterior chest, she notices the symmetry of the chest is equal from front to back and from shoulder to shoulder like the shape of a barrel. The nurse knows the most common lung disease process causing this change in chest symmetry is? COPD 18. A nurse is reinforcing health teaching regarding skin cancer to a group of clients. Which of the following should the nurse identify as the leading cause of skin cancer? Sun exposure 19. Which of the following is potassium sparing diuretic? Aldactone 20. There are many types of wound dressings and therapies in evidence-based wound care. The wound vac has been around many years and is one of the best ways to heal a wound 60% faster than conventional dressings because? (select all that apply) -Negative pressure increases epithelial cell multiplications forming granulation tissue -Reduces edema in the wound and improves blood flow 21. A nurse is collecting data from a client who present to the provider’s office for evaluation pf multiple nevi. Which of the following findings should the nurse report to the provider as a possible sign of malignancy? Irregular borders 22. Which breath sounds are usually heard over the anterior third of the chest near the sternum and also scapular posteriorly, and have inspiration and expiration of equal duration? Bronchovesicular 23. Frank is a 4 year old paraplegic client with cerebral palsy who was admitted to the hospital with complications from the H1N1 virus. The nurse who was admitting him noted that he had an area of redness on his right malleolus that was non-blanchable. The nurse correctly identified this area as what stage of a pressure ulcer? Stage 1 24. A client has a prescription to discontinue intravenous therapy when the liter that is infusing at 150 mL per hour is...1200 the PN notes that there are 750 ml of solution remaining. At what time should the nurse expect to discontinue the intravenous therapy? 1700 25. The PN is caring for a client who had a total laryngectomy, left radical neck dissection...client is receiving nasogastric tube feedings via an internal pump. Today the rate of the feeding was increased. .ml/hr. What parameter should the PN use to evaluate the clients tolerate to the rate of the feeding? Gastric residual volumes 26. A new mother is breastfeeding her newborn for the first time after delivery and complains of nipple pain...Based on the client complaint, what action should the PN take? Ensure that all the areolar tissue of the nipple is in the infants’ mouth. 27. Which site should the PN use when administering an injection of Rho (D) Immune negative postpartum client? Deltoid 28. A client begins an antidepressant drug during the second day of hospitalization. Which assessment is most important for the LPN/LVN to include in this client's plan of care while the client is taking the antidepressant? Mood 29. Based on the documentation in the medical record, which action should the LPN/LVN implement next? Give the rubella vaccine subcutaneously 30. A client is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of Pneumonia. Which intervention should the LPN/LVN implement to prevent complications associated with Pneumonia? Encourage mobilization and ambulation 31. Which nursing activity is within the scope of practice for the practical nurse? Observe a client rotate the subcutaneous site for an insulin pump [Show More]

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