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clc 046 dod sustainable procurement program Questions and Answers

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which 3 statements about spp are accurate - ANSWER reduced dependance, reduce consumption, implement env-friendly practices which is not a benefit of spp - ANSWER increase fossil fuel use which ... is not considered an alternative fuel - ANSWER coal comprehensive procurement guidelines fall into 8 categories. pick 3 - ANSWER landscaping, construction, weapons systems foundation of SPP - ANSWER resource conservation and recovery act energy and independence and security act requires purchase of energy star or femp products. ghc emissions from alt fuels are no mare than conventional fuels - ANSWER true the spp all computers must have energy star enabled - ANSWER true eo 13693 - ANSWER greenhouse gas reductions dod contracting officer and purchasing janitor supplies spp does not apply - ANSWER false written justification for not purchasing required recycled content or biobased products with a gpc - ANSWER recommended, required in organizations, price perf prod availb [Show More]

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