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1. A community health nurse is providing teaching about nutrition guidelines to a group of adolescents. Which of the following information should the nurse include in teaching? A. Adolescents have a ... decrease need for calcium due to high milk intake B. Appetite naturally increases during the adolescent years C. 75% of adult bone mass is developed during the adolescent years D. Empty calories provide 70% of the total calories consumed by adolescents 2. An occupational health nurse is caring for a client who does not speak the same language as the nurse. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? A. Validate the clients understanding of communicated information B. Determine the client's primary language C. Use common words and phrases when speaking to the client D. Obtain a translator that is the same gender 3. A case manager is caring for a client who is being discharged following a total hip arthroplasty. Which of the following actions is an example of the nurse functioning in the negotiator role? A. Providing social service with the list of needed referrals B. Reporting safety concerns to the Home Health agency C. Discuss payment options with various pharmacies D. Schedule appointments for physical therapy services 4. A nurse manager is providing teaching to a newly licensed nurse about Mantoux testing. Which of the following clients should the nurse manager include as an example of a client who might manifest a false positive reading? A. A client who has lived in a country where tuberculosis is endemic B. A client who has undergone radiation therapy within last 3 years C. A client who has acquired immune deficiency syndrome D. A client who has received the Bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine within the last 10 years 5. A school nurse is planning primary prevention activities for the new school year. Which of the following should the nurse include? (Select all that apply) A. Lobbying for funding for health promotion efforts B. Recommending a seating arrangement for a child in a body cast C. Teaching a class about the risks of cigarette smoking D. Create a plan of care for children who have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus E. Organizing a program to promote skateboard safety 6. A recently hired occupational health nurse is assessing hazards in the work environment. Which of the following actions will help the nurse detect physical hazards? A. Identify industrial toxins that are present in the environment B. Measure noise levels at various locations in the facility C. Track rates of illness caused by infection among employees D. Survey workers about job-related emotional stress 7. A hospice nurse is planning care for a client who follows traditional American Indian practices. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? A. Discuss safe use of herbal medications B. Provide direct eye contact when communicating with the client's family C. Face the client’s bed towards the east D. Develop a list of appropriate hot and cold food choices 8. A community health nurse is working with a group of homeless veterans who have post- traumatic stress disorder. Which of the following interventions should the nurse implement? A. Provide coffee and snacks during the meetings B. Avoid discussing the traumatic event experienced by the veterans C. Teach the clients to practice deep breathing exercises D. Change the meeting sites frequently 9. A group of technicians from a local automotive repair shop presents to an urgent care clinic with reports of dizziness, headaches, and nausea. After providing need to care for the clients which of the following government agencies should the nurse notify to follow up on these reports? A. OSHA B. Center for Disease Control C. Environmental Protection Agency D. Department of Health and Human Services 10. A nurse is providing teaching to a 50-year-old female client. Which of the following statement should the nurse include in teaching? A. You should have your fasting blood glucose level checked every 6 years B. You should have your hearing screen every 5 years C. You should have complete eye examination every two years until the age of 64 D. You should have your stool tested for blood every other year until the age of 74 11. A nurse is caring for a client who asks, “Can I decide not to continue with chemotherapy?” The nurse response is, “This is your choice, and I'll support whatever decision you make.” The nurse’s response is an example of which of the following ethical principles? A. Beneficence B. Nonmaleficence C. Veracity D [Show More]

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