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ATI RN Pharmacology 2022 – Proctored Final

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ATI RN Pharmacology 2022 – Proctored Final A patient newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism is prescribed Levothyroxine (Synthroid) 0.25 mg PO daily. After 6 weeks of treatment the nurse dtermin... es that the medication was effective if the: 1) Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level is 2 microunits/mL 2) Total t4 level is 2 mcg/dL A nurse providing teaching to a client who has just been prescribed prazosin (Minipress) which of the following client statement indicates understanding of teaching: 1) I will not use a salt substitute while taking meds 2) I will move slowly from sitting to standing to prevent falls A nurse is providing teaching to a patient who is prescribed phenytoin (Dilantin). Which statement by the patient indicates further teaching: 1) I should expect a rash to develop 2) I may develop hair or face or chest A nurse is receiving a telephone prescription for an antibiotic from a client's provider. Which of the following is the nurse required to do: 3) Read the prescription back to the provider after transcribing 4) Write the trade name for the prescribed medicine A nurse is providing teaching to an adolescent and her family regarding a new prescription of phenytoin (Dilantin) for a newly diagnosed seizure disorder. Which of the following client statements indicates the understanding of the teaching: 1) I will keep a seizure frequency chart 2) I will skip a dose if I am experiencing nausea A nurse is caring for a client who has heart failure and is receiving furosemide (Lasix) and digoxin (Lanoxin). Routine laboratory results reveal a potassium level of 2.6 mEq/L. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first: 1) Apply a cardiac monitor 2) Provides foods high in potassium A nurse administers ceftazidime (Fortaz) to a client who has a severe penicillin allergy. Which of the following client findings requires an incident report: 1) The client is also taking linsinophrel (Prinivil) 2) The client reports shortness of breath A nurse is providing teaching to a female client who has been newly diagnosed with a seizure disorder and has begun phenytoin (Dilantin). The nurse should tell the client that phenytoin can decrease the effectiveness of which of the following: 1) Ethunyl estradiol/desogestrel (Cyclessa) 2) Fluroxetine (Prozac) A nurse providing teaching to a client who is diagnosed with migrane headaches. The client is prescribed ergotamine (Ergostat) sublingual (SL). Which of the following should the nurse include in her instructions: 1) Take 1SL tablet three times a day before meals 2) Take 1SL tablet at onset of migrane [Show More]

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