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NCCT Practice Test 2 Billing and Coding Questions and Answers Latest Updated with Complete Solutions

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NCCT Practice Test 2 Billing and Coding Questions and Answers Latest Updated with Complete Solutions CPT codes are Correct Answer-5 digits An organization which provides a wide range of services f... or a specified group at a fixed periodic payment is termed an Correct Answer-HMO TBSA refers to: Correct Answer-Total body surface area There are two types of CPT codes, stand alone and: Correct Answer-Indented Codes Services in which opinions of specialists are requested, are called: Correct Answer-Consultations Examples of HCPCS Level II codes are: Correct Answer-Supplies, orthotics, prosthetics, DME, equipment, and ambulance services Everything that you see, hear, or read about a patients condition must remain: Correct AnswerConfidential Because of the new Medicare regulations insurance companies are predominantly using what type of claims? Correct Answer-Electronic A "combining form" meaning joint is: Correct Answer-Arthro/o If an error is made in a patients chart, what should be done before adding the correct information nearby? Correct Answer-Draw a single line through the error When sequencing codes for multiple burns, list: Correct Answer-Third degree first Another name for a release of information form is a: Correct Answer-Consent Which of the following is not a type of wound? Correct Answer-Excision The opposite of ventral is: Correct Answer-Dorsal In a Medicare billing dispute, the amount of controversy must be at least: Correct Answer-$100 A suffix indicating the surgical creation of an opening is: Correct Answer-Ostomy The usual abbreviation for complete blood count is: Correct Answer-CBC Which of the following abbreviations might charted if a patient has a bladder infection: Correct AnswerUTI All of the following are included in the Medicare EPSDT program for welfare children except: Correct Answer-Remedial Education Intentional misrepresentation of facts in order to deceive or mislead others is: Correct Answer-Fraud Self-Employed insurance billing specialists can deduct all but which one of the following expenses from income taxes: Correct Answer-Theatre Tickets The medical term for high blood pressure: Correct Answer-Hypertension An individual who promises to pay the medical bill by signing an agreement to pay form is the: Correct Answer-Guarantor A report mentioning such words as cranium, maxilla, and mandible would be referring to: Correct AnswerHead The following subsections of Evaluation and Management services except: Correct Answer-Concurrent Care In the Medicare program a clean claim means that: Correct Answer-D. The claim has no deficiencies, does not further investigation, and that it passes all electronic edits HCT is the medical abbreviation for: Correct Answer-Hematocrit The subsequent injury fund was established for problems that arise when a: Correct Answer-Previously injured person is injured at work again Tricare offers 3 types of plans: Correct Answer-Standard, Extra & Prime Workers Compensation can be found in: Correct Answer-All US States A 66 year old retired school teacher presenting for a first visit at a medical office would most likely be covered by: Correct Answer-Medicare When a claim is returned for incorrect or missing information, the correct action for a medical biller to take would be to: A. Add or correct the information & resubmit the claim B. Send an appeal letter C. Schedule a hearing before an administrative law judge D. Resend duplicate claim Correct Answer-Add or correct the information & resubmit the claim [Show More]

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