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PMHNP certification Exam 2022(Actual test Already Passed)

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PMHNP certification Exam 2022(Actual test Already Passed) Which patient is at highest risk for SI A. 30y/o married AA female with previous SI attempt *1 risk factor B. 35 y/o single Asian male wit... h previous SI attempt *3 risk factors C. 38 y/o single AA male who is a manager of a bank *2 risk factors D. 68 y/o single white male with depression *5 risk factors (age, male, white, depression) Correct AnswerD. 68 y/o single white male with depression *5 risk factors (age, male, white, depression) Count the risk factors When interview teenagers (16 y/o) that arrive with their parents what should you do? Correct Answerinterview them separately from parents. -This helps Build therapeutic rapport with teens by telling them the info is confidential. Parents may be upset but remember you are advocating for the child. Which Ethnic group has the highest rate of suicide? Correct Answer-Native Americans Example A patient is being treated for schizophrenia with olanzapine. Which of the following is the most common side effect of olanzapine? A. Increased waist circumference B. EPS (not as common in atypical antipsychotics d/t 5HT2A)-receptor antagonism C. Increased Lipids D. Metabolic Syndrome Correct Answer-D. Metabolic Syndrome (UMBRELLA ANSWER) Which antipsychotics have the least weight gain? Correct Answer-Latuda, Abilify, (also least sedating), Geodon-if patient has metabolic syndrome consider switching to one of the medications above. Or if the patient is overly sedated try switching to ABILIFY Which mood stabilizer have the least weight gain? Correct Answer-Lamictal -But remember all mood stabilizers cause some weight gain When presented with a question about typical vs atypical antipsychotic the answer is usually to start of a Correct Answer-atypical A client presents with complains of changes in appetite, feeling fatigued, problems with sleep-rest cycle, and changes in libido. What is the neuroanatomical area of the brain that is responsible for the normal regulation of these functions? A. Thalamus B. Hypothalamus C. Limbic System D. Hippocampus Correct Answer-Hypothalamus A, B, & D are all part of the limbic system so you can rule that out When a patient is hesitant to participate in treatment you should encourage? Correct Answer-Bring a support person like a husband Thyroid-Stimulating hormone normal level Correct Answer-0.5-5.0 Mu/L When T4 and T3 are high and TSH is low what is the diagnosis Correct Answer-HYPERTHYROIDISM, TSH secretion decreases: TSH LOW à key symptoms HEAT INTOLERANCE Key symptoms of Heat Intolerance Correct Answer-Hyperthyroidism When T4 and T3 are Low and TSH is high what is the diagnosis Correct Answer-(HYPOTHYROIDISM) TSH secretion increased: TSH HIGH à COLD INTERANCE Key symptoms of Cold Intolerance Correct Answer-Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroid can mimic Correct Answer-Mania Hypothyroid can mimic Correct Answer-Depression A patient on depakote complains of RUQ pain and has reddish/brown urine Correct Answer-Hepatoxicity -Check LFTs Signs of Depakote toxicity Correct Answer-Disorientation, confusion, lethargy You suspect depakote toxicity what do you do? Correct Answer-Check -LFT -Ammonia -Depakote Level What herbal supplement can cause hepatoxicity? Correct Answer-Kava Kava When taking Kava Kava in combinations with other medications you should caution about Correct AnswerRisk of Hepatoxicity and Sedation TCAs carry a risk of Correct Answer-Hepatotoxicity Signs of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Correct Answer--fever, mouth pain, swelling, burning eyes, blisters, skin pain two psychotropics known to cause steven johnson syndrome Correct Answer-lamictal and tegretol What nationality is most suseptible of getting steven johnson? Correct Answer-Asians When treating asians with tegretal screen for? Correct Answer-HLAB-1502 Allele What two medications cause agranulocytosis? Correct Answer-Clozaril & Tegretal Agranulocytosis when to discontinue medication Correct Answer-Less than 1000 When monitoring for agranulocytosis in patients look for s/s of what? Correct Answer-Infection [Show More]

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