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Medical Assistant Practice Test for NCCT Questions and Answers Already Passed

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Medical Assistant Practice Test for NCCT Questions and Answers Already Passed The temperature take at the armpit is the ________? Correct Answer-B (axillary) The abbreviation for "nothing by mouth... " is? Correct Answer-A (NPO) The abbreviation for "as needed" is? Correct Answer-A (prn) Which of these would be the best choice to administer an intradermal injection? Correct Answer-B (Tuberculin syringe) The amount an insured patient pay toward claims each year before the insurance company will pay for medical treatment is known as the __________? Correct Answer-B (deductible) To ensure that the medical office has the supplies it needs, the medical assistant should establish a(n)__________? Correct Answer-D (all the answers are correct) A (reorder point) B (inventory control log) C (order quantity) Refer to illustration #5 and identify number 17? Correct Answer-B (aorta) Refer to illustration #5 and identify number 18? Correct Answer-B (Superior vena cava) Refer to illustration #1 and identify number 69? Correct Answer-C (temporal) Refer to illustration #1 and identify number 70? Correct Answer-C (scapula) Under the Peer Review Improvement Act of 1982, Peer Review Organizations are responsible for the review for appropriateness and necessity of putting a patient into the hospital by a process known as ____________review Correct Answer-B (admissions) Which one of the following is a decision based upon bioethics? Correct Answer-C (the use of fetal tissue transplantation for research) A physician must have the patient's permission in writing to reveal any confidential information except for which one of the following? Correct Answer-A (gunshot wound) Which of the following is a federal regulation that requires health care professionals to protect the privacy and confidentiality of patients' health information? Correct Answer-D (HIPAA) The Internal Revenue Service issues a(n)_____________to medical groups or solo practices for income tax purposes. Correct Answer-B (federal tax identification number) A twelve month period selected for financial purposes is called a(n)________________year. Correct Answer-A (fiscal) Each prescription for a controlled substance requires the physician's signature and a(n)____________registration number. Correct Answer-A (DEA) When you have finished using a reagent, you should? Correct Answer-C (discard it) When you make a solution, be sure you label and _____________. Correct Answer-A (date it) A drug that causes urination is called a __________. Correct Answer-A (diuretic) A small adhesive patch or disc used for administration of drugs is called a(n)________. Correct Answer-A (transdermal system) A chronic disease in which the pancreas fails to secrete enough insulin is called? Correct Answer-B (type 1 diabetes) The frequent passage of liquid stools is called? Correct Answer-B (diarrhea) A microorganism that rarely causes disease is called a_____________. Correct Answer-A (non-pathogen) The most important initial step in the performance of a blood draw is? Correct Answer-C (identifying the patient) Which of the following statements is false about blood drawing? Correct Answer-B (It doesn't really matter which direction you lancet a finger) To determine the size of the needle remember that the higher the gauge number, the __________the needle. Correct Answer-B (smaller) A centrifuge works by__________. Correct Answer-D (separating cells and serum) A tourniquet should be on the patient no longer then___________. Correct Answer-A (1 minute) When preparing a blood smear from a skin puncture you should___________the first drop. Correct Answer-C (wipe away) When performing any CLIA waives test, it is importan [Show More]

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