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2022 full Exam; NCCT Practice Test 2 Billing and Coding Answered 100% correct

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2022 full Exam; NCCT Practice Test 2 Billing and Coding Answered 100% correct A hyphenated last name, such as "Lewis-Davidson," may be filed in multiple locations. The actual chart would be filed un... der "Lewis-Davidson," but additional file that was indexed under "Davidson: is an example of______________ A. an appendix B. cross-referencing C. mixed filing D. back filing {{Ans- ...B. cross-referencing What is a suffix meaning "surgical removal of a botomydy part"? A. -otomy B. -iasis C. - ostomy D. -ectomy {{Ans- D. -ectomy Computerized records of one physician's encounters with patient over time are collectively called and ____ A. EHR B. PHR C. EMR D. AC {{Ans- ...A. EHR What is the second step of medical history taking, a concise statement describing the reason a patient came into the office, hospital or clinic? A. chief complaint B. Sysptom C. problem D. diagnosis {{Ans- . chief complaint Appendix A in the ICD-9 concerns itself with the _____ A. Morphology of Neoplasms B. Classification of Drugs C. Classification of Industrial Accidents D. Glossary of Metal Disorders {{Ans- A. Morphology of Neoplasms The maximum dollar amount set for reimbursement to provider by an insurance company and an associated network of healthcare providers is called the _____ A. allowable charge B. allowed amount C. approved charge D. all of the above {{Ans- D. all of the above When coding from the ICD-9, if the same condition is described as both acute and chronic, and separate subentries exist in the alphabetic index at the same indentation level, code both and sequence the ___ code first A. acute B. chronic C. it does not make a difference D. further information is needed {{Ans- A. acute According to the Patient's Bill of Rights, a patient must be informed of the name and ____ of the doctor who will be in charge of the patient's care in the hospital. A. primary language B. position C. education D. specialty {{Ans- D. specialty The block on the CMS-1500 claim form designated for service facility location information is A. 33 B. 5 C. 31 D. 32 {{Ans- ...D. 32 In SOAP notes, a brief summary of the patient's symptoms that may often include a diagnosis, as well as a list of other possible diagnoses, is a(n)___ A, determination B. evaluation C. appraisal D. assessment {{Ans- D. assessment The plane that divides the body into equal right and left halves is the ______ plane. A. sagittal B. transverse C. frontal D. midsagittal {{Ans- D. midsagittal In the ICD-9 NEC stands for____ A. (Do) not enter code B. Never exclude code C. Nowhere Else code D. Not Elsewhere Classified {{Ans- D. Not Elsewhere classified A record of one or more days' financial activity in the medical office is called a(n)______ A. aging report B. day sheet C. daily spreadsheet D. fiscal summary {{Ans- B. day sheet a method of determining insurance payments is ____ A. usual, customary, and reasonable B. reasonable, usual and customary C. customary, reasonable, and usual D. acceptable, usual, and customary {{Ans- ...A. usual, customary, and reasonable A term that means not posing any serious threat to health, not particularly aggressive or recurrent is ____ A. malignant B. benign C. complaisant D. copacetic {{Ans- B. Benign Anyone covered under another's health insurance plan (e.g. a child or spouse of the insured) is called a(n)___ A. guarantor B. dependent C. accessory d. patient {{Ans- B. dependent POMR requires that a _____ be assigned to each of the patients problems A. letter B. alphanumeric code C. number D. date {{Ans- ...C. number The deadline for the United States to begin using Clinical Modification ICD-10-C for diagnosis coding and Procedure Coding System ICD-10PCS for inpatient hospital procedure coding is currently _____ A. It is already being used B. October 1, 2013 C. October 1, 2014 D. January 1, 2014 {{Ans- B. October 1, 2013 "Gravida" refers to _____ A. pregnancy B. a liver biopsy C. a bacterium D. the gallbladder {{Ans- ...A. pregnancy One of HIPAA's objectives is to _____ A. create a new diagnostic and procedural coding system B. promote a safe exchange of health information electronically C. expand budgets for technology throughout health care D. create a health care clearninghouse for the exchange of health care data {{Ans- B. promote a safe exchange of health information electronically In the managed care, a list of all the allowed, predetermined amounts for each service offered by a heal care provided is called a ____ A. charge tabulation B. Charge schedule C. fee expense list D. fee schedule {{Ans- D. fee schedule Most facilities use preprinted fee slips known as ____to track fees for each patient A. CPT vouchers B. price slips C. tracking sheetst D. superbills {{Ans- D. superbills The insurance carrier is allowed to use certain methods to determine the amount for a service. Medicare uses the resources-based relative value scale. Managed care uses the usual, customary, and reasonable method. These sums are known as ____ amounts. A. allowed B. lawful C. remittance D. allowable {{Ans- A. allowed or d allowable The POS code for an outpatient medical office on the CMS-1500 form is _____ A. 20 B. 21 C. 11 D. 12 {{Ans- c 11 The combining form cyst(o) means ____ A. sac or bladder B. lung C. pancreas D cyst {{Ans- A. sac or bladder A condition that appears after the acute phase of an earlier condition has run its course is called a ____ effect A. cold B. delayed C. late D. chronic {{Ans- C. late The combining form hepat(o) means _____ A. gallbladder B. mouth C. stomach D. liver {{Ans- D. liver [Show More]

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