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NUR 211- Clinical Parkinsons Case-Lillian "Lilly" Marie Jones, 76 years old

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History of Present Problem: Lillian "Lilly" Jones is a 76-year-old female with a history of hypertension, gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and Parkinson's disease. Ms. Jones was hospitalized ... three months ago due to a urinary tract infection and dehydration. She is now a resident of Sunnyside Health Care Center, a local long-term care facility because her Parkinson's disease has progressed and her son, Jack, is no longer able to care for her at home. Lilly has lost ten pounds (4.5 kg) in the past month. She is 5 feet-6 inches (167.6 cm) weighs 110 pounds (49.9 kg) and has a BMI of 17.8. After one week of residing at Sunnyside, Jack visits and is saddened when he finds his mother in her room alone. Jack approaches the nursing station and states, "My mother is so thin and losing weight and sits just staring into space. I thought having her here was going to help her get better!” Personal/Social History: Lilly was married to John for 54 years before he passed away two years ago. She has one son, Jack, who lives 30 minutes away. Jack has a medical power of attorney for Lilly's healthcare decisions. Lilly was a homemaker and an active participant in her community. Her hobbies include knitting, playing the piano and reading. Lilly reluctantly has agreed to go to Sunnyside Health Care Center after her son accepted a job that required him to travel. [Show More]

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