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ANCC PMHNP Cert Exam Review Questions With ALL Correct Answers 2022.

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How do you assess cranial nerve V trigeminal? - Tell patient to close eyes, take piece of cotton or other soft item and lightly touch either one of both sides of each of the three divisions of the tri... geminal. How do you assess for cranial nerve VII facial? - Observe the patient for nystagmus or twitching of the eye. This nerve controls facial movements and expression, check for symmetry. Have the patient wrinkle forehead, close eyes, smile, pucker lips, show teeth, and puff out cheeks. primitive reflexes - reflexes, controlled by "primitive" parts of the brain, that disappear during the first year of life Mororeflex - Extending of limbs when they hear a loud noise (defend themselves) rooting reflex - a baby's tendency, when touched on the cheek, to turn toward the touch, open the mouth, and search for the nipple palmer grasp - grasping with the whole hand scope of practice - The range of clinical procedures and activities that are allowed by law for a profession Quality Improvement (QI) - an approach to the continuous study and improvement of the processes of providing health care services to meet the needs of patients and others and inform health care policy PDSA model - Plan-Do-Study-Act Model from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) [Show More]

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