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AQA A Level Psychology Paper 2 7182-2 Question Paper June 2021

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A-level PSYCHOLOGY 7182/2 Paper 2 Psychology in context Section A Approaches in psychology Answer all questions in this section. 0 1 Outline the way in which Pavlov studied classical condi... tioning. [4 marks] 2 Some critics have said that Pavlov’s studies may lack ecological validity. What is meant by the term ecological validity? [2 marks] 3 Jemima and Lily are identical twins. Lily complains to Jemima, “I don’t understand it. If we have the same genes, how come you have clearer skin than me and are much better at netball?” Jemima laughs and replies, “Lily, we may be identical twins, but we are not identical people.” Using your knowledge of genotype and phenotype, explain Lily’s and Jemima’s comments. [4 marks] 4 Lily and Jemima have a pet rat, which usually hides in a corner when they try to take it out of its cage. They have tried different ways to stop the rat hiding, but so far without success. Use your knowledge of two types of reinforcement to suggest how Lily and Jemima could train their rat to come to the cage door when they open it. [6 marks] [Show More]

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