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Which of the following best helps reduce pressure on the bony prominences? A. Several pillows B. Sheepskin C. Flotation mattress D. Repositioning every shift Flotation mattress 23. The most ... comfortable position for a resident with a respiratory problem is: A. Prone B. Supine C. Lateral D. Fowler's Fowlers 00:02 01:17 prone is a position of the body lying face down. supine Lying on back with head supported on a pillow. fowlers is a position where the head is raised above the feet In order to communicate clearly with a client who has hearing loss, the nurse aide should: (A) speak in a high pitched tone of voice (B) stand behind the client when speaking (C) speak in a loud and slow manner (D) look directly at the client when speaking look directly at the client when speaking 23. Which of the following is a correct measurement of urinary output? (A) 40 oz (B) 300 cc (C) 2 cups (D) 1 quart 300 cc = 300 ml = about 10 oz or about 1.25 cups 34. When changing an unsterile dressing, the nurse aide should wash hands: (A) before the procedure (B) after the procedure (C) before and after the procedure (D) before, after removal of the soiled dressing, and after the procedure D 36. The nurse aide finds a conscious client lying on the bathroom floor. The FIRST thing the nurse aide should do is: (A) help the client into a sitting position (B) call for assistance from the nurse in charge (C) offer the client a drink of water (D) check for signs of injury B A registered nurse asks the nursing assistatnt to assist with a sterile dressing change. This is a. a task that the nursing assistant can perform if properly trained b. a task within the nursing assistant's scope of responsibility c. an inappropriate request from a registered nurse of that facility d. something the nursing assistant is not legally allowed to do The best way to control the spread of C. difficile is a. by limiting contact of the infected resident and family with others b. by using more powerful antibiotics and antivirals c. by giving more enemas and fiber to clean out the GI tract *d. through proper handwashing and handling of contaminated wastes Perineal care should be done a. only after a bowel movement b. three times a day c. after elimination of bladder or bowel d. only as part of the bathing process [Show More]

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