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TEST BANK for Medical Surgical Nursing 10th Edition by Ignatavicius & Workman & Rebar & Heimgartner. (Complete Download) All Chapters 1-69. PDF

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A new nurse is working with a preceptor on a medical-surgical unit. The preceptor advises the new nurse that which is the priority when working as a professional nurse? a. Attending to holistic clie... nt needs b. Ensuring client safety c. Not making medication errors d. Providing client-focused care ANS: B All actions are appropriate for the professional nurse. However, ensuring client safety is the priority. Health care errors have been widely reported for 25 years, many of which result in client injury, death, and increased health care costs. There are several national and international organizations that have either recommended or mandated safety initiatives. Every nurse has the responsibility to guard the client’s safety. The other actions are important for quality nursing, but they are not as vital as providing safety. Not making medication errors does provide safety, but is too narrow in scope to be the best answer. .................................................CONTINUED [Show More]

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