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AQA_GCSE Geography Paper 2_Mark Scheme 2022 | Practice Paper 2 Challenges in the Human Environment

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AQA_GCSE Geography Paper 2_Mark Scheme 2022 | Practice Paper 2 Challenges in the Human Environment - - - - Question 1 Urban issues and challenges 01.1 What is the meaning of the term ‘urban g... rowth’? The expansion of towns and cities not “the growth of cities” The student could not get a mark for just rearranging the words of the question and saying "the growth of cities" they would have to say something like cities getting bigger or expanding etc. (It is not just population growth but the increase in size of the built up area) Urban growth DOES include population growth ... it can mean the city gets bigger in the sense of more people AND/OR growth of the city in terms of space. (It is "Urban Sprawl" which means JUST the spread of the city into surrounding areas.) AO1 = 1 [1 mark] 01.2 Describe the predicted changes in the distribution of megacities between 2000 and 2025. Level Marks Description 2 (Clear) 3 – 4 AO3 A clear sense of change between the maps is demonstrated referencing an overall pattern with clear global least 3 continents comment. Points developed and expanded. AO4 Figures quoted are used in context of supporting points. 1 (Basic) 1 – 2 AO3 Simple statements and / or isolated points or figures with no overall sense of change apparent. AO4. Separate and basic reference to each map and / or only covering one map. 0 No relevant content. Indicative content There are number of changes that might be commented upon, not all are required for full marks. For example: There is an increasing concentration of megacities in SE Asia, particularly China and India. All continents show an increased number of megacities during the period e.g. N America 3-4, S America 3-5, Europe 1 (0) – 2 (4) (figure in brackets as they may not view Moscow / Istanbul as European). Increasing concentration and domination of the world pattern by SE Asia. Increasing concentration of coastal locations. Credit observation of where there are few / none also e.g. most of Europe and Oceania. AO3 = 2 AO4 = 2 (4 marks) GCSE GEOGRAPHY MARK SCHEME Practice Paper 2 Maximum marks: 63 This paper is compiled from legacy questions which have been selected in line with the guidance for the 2022 series and may have been adapted to provide an unseen practice paper for students with the mark schemes more closely aligned to the current specification. Please see detailed guidance on the conclusions you can draw from the outcomes on the MERiT welcome page. To support targeted revision and teacher assessment, use the mark entry in MERiT. This document is licensed to Haggerston School - MB260045Page 2 01.3 Complete the pie chart using the data below. First mark for correct plotting of line, second for correct labelling / identification or suitable key. AO4 = 2 (2 marks) 01.4 Outline how rapid urbanisation in a poorer part of the world can increase air pollution - - [Show More]

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