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NUR - 3465C-Maternal Newborn ATI Final Exam Study Guide -2022

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Urinary Frequency- 7 weeks - Presumptive Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy o Urinary frequency occurs between 6 to 12 weeks. - Common in the first trimmest because the growing uterus compresses the b... ladder; it is also common during the third trimester, especially when the fetal head settles into the pelvis. - Hegar’s sign- softening and compressibility of the lower uterine segment which results in exaggerated uterine anteflexion during the early months of pregnancy—this adds to urinary frequency. - Teaching to Manage the Discomforts of Urinary Frequency in Pregnancy o Try pelvic floor exercises to increase control over leakage o Empty your bladder when you first feel a full sensation. o Avoid caffeinated drinks, which stimulate voiding o Reduce your fluid intake after dinner to reduce nighttime urination. - Urinary frequency and urgency during the second trimester should be reported to the provider. ATI Question 1. A nurse is caring for a client in the prenatal clinic who is at 7 weeks of gestation. The client reports urinary frequency and asks the nurse if this will continue throughout her pregnancy. Which of the following is an appropriate response? a. “No. it should only last until about your 12th week, but it will return near the end of the pregnancy.” Appropriate time to administer Rubella - The Rubella titer detects antibodies for the virus that causes German measles; if titer is 1:8 or less, the woman is not immune; requires immunization after birth, and the woman is advised to avoid people with undiagnosed rashes. - Prior to discharge, check the immunity status for rubella for all mothers and give a subcutaneous injection of rubella vaccine if they are not serologically immune (titer is less than 1:8). - Make sure that the client signs a consent form to receive the vaccine. CONTINUED....... [Show More]

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