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ALL HESI EXIT Questions and Answers 2022 Test Bank - Rated A+

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A client receives a new prescription for simvastatin (Zocor) 5 mg PO daily at bedtime. What action should the nurse take? (correct Answer- Administer the medication as prescribed with a glass of wate... r Which client should the nurse assess frequently because of the risk for overflow incontinence? A client Who is confused and frequently forgets to go to the bathroom While monitoring a client during a seizure, which interventions should the nurse implement? (Select all that apply) (correct Answer- Move obstacle away from client Monitor physical movements Observe for a patent airway Record the duration of the seizure A male client with a long history of alcoholism is admitted because of mild confusion and fine motor tremors. He reports that he quit drinking alcohol and stopped smoking cigarettes one month ago after his brother died of lung cancer. Which intervention is most important for the nurses to include in the client's plan of care? (correct Answer- Observe for changes in level of consciousness. An older adult female admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) with a possible stroke is intubated with ventilator setting of tidal volume 600, PlO2 40%, and respiratory rate of 12 breaths/minute. The arterial blood gas (ABG) results after intubation are PH 7.31. PaCO2 60, PaO2 104, SPO2 98%, HCO3 23. To normalize the client's ABG finding, which action is required? correct Answer- Increase ventilator rate. [Show More]

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