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NURS 6650 -Psychotherapy with Groups and Families (Mid-Term Exam) 1. The absence of a ________________ ______________ renders technical interventions ineffective pt even harmful. - 2.... ____________________ and _________________________________ play too central a role in moat formulations of the therapeutic process to be passed over lightly. - 3. The basic posture of the therapist to client is all of the following EXCEPT? A. acceptance B. sympathy C. empathy D. genuineness 4. Cohesiveness - 5. Definition of Process - 6. The effective use of the here-and-now requires the following two steps. I. 7. Giving part of myself to others. A. Instillation of Hope B. Existential Factors C. Universality D. Altruism 8. Imitative behavior plays a more important role in the what stages of a group? - 9. In group therapy the problem is not the importance of transference work, it is the what? - 10. Insight defies ______________ __________________ - 11. In the role of technical expert, the therapist does what? - 12. ___________________ is a specific form of interpersonal perceptual distortion. - 13. List four examples of general principle that prove useful to the therapist when receiving feedback. I. 14. List the phases of here-and-now. - 15. The norms of a group are constructed from? - 16. The primary sweeping objection to therapist transparency emanates from? - 17. Psychological symptomatology emanates from disturbed ____________________ _______________________. - 18. Recognizing that life is at times unfair and unjust. A. Self-Understanding B. Existential Factors C. Identification D. Altruism 19. Techniques of process illumination are? - 20. The therapist's energy must be directed toward shaping it into a therapeutic social system is referred to as - 21. Therapy group is a __________________ __________________ & a _____________________ ____________________________ - 22. These tasks begins before the group starts, in the regroup orientations, in which the therapist reinforces positive expectations, corrects negative preconceptions, and presents a lucid & powerful explanation of the group's healing properties. - 23. True or False? A member who experienced little sense of belongingness or attraction to the group is likely to benefit from the group. - 24. True or False? Analysis of transference is the major therapeutic task of the therapist. - 25. True or False? Every group evolves a set of unwritten rules or norms that determine the procedure of the group. - 26. True or False? Highly cohesive groups are more stable group, with better attendance and less turnover. - 27. True or False? Individuals with positive outcomes have had more mutually satisfying relationships with other members. - 28. True or False? Self-disclosure is essential in the group therapeutic process. - 29. True or False? Self- disclosure is greatly influenced by the client's role in a cohesive group. - 30. True or False? The group leader is solely responsible for creating and convening the group. - 31. True or False? The more importance the members considers the group, the less effective it becomes. - 32. True or False? Therapists who ignore transference considerations may seriously misunderstand some transaction and confuse rather than die the group members. - 33. What are the techniques of therapist in respect to 3 fundamental tasks? 1. 34. What are the three venerable concepts associated with interpretation? 1 35. What contribute to group cohesiveness? - 36. What factors seem to be responsible for attain, eat of popularity in therapy groups? 1. 37. What threaten the functional integrity of the group? - 38. What three concepts define the concepts of interpersonal learning and describes the mechanism? 1. 39. What two basic role the therapist may assume in a group? - 40. Which relationship is necessary for successful group therapy? 1. [Show More]

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