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NURS 629 MVU exam 1 questions and answers latest update with complete solution

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NURS 629 MVU exam 1 questions and answers latest update with complete solution 1. How do you measure fundal height - ✔✔symphysis pubis to top of uterus 2. When can you start to hear fetal heart... tones? - ✔✔around 12 wks 3. What is quickening? - ✔✔fetal movements felt by the mother 4. When is quickening felt - ✔✔between 16-20 weeks 5. Abnormal Complaints in first trimester - ✔✔1st trimester: Vaginal bleeding Book: spotting, bleeding, cramping, painful urination, severe vomiting and/or diarrhea, fever > 100.4, symptoms of vaginal infection or STI; persistent or severe low abdominal pain, lightheadedness or dizziness (particularly if accompanied by shoulder pain) 6. What vaccines should be avoided during pregnancy? - ✔✔Live vaccines: MMR ,HPV, varicella, and live attenuated influenza vaccine 7. What labs are drawn at first visit? - ✔✔CBC, RH (antibody screen) & TYPE, HIV, RPR, MMR TITER, HEP B TITER, R/O STI's, FULL UA 8. What info is obtained at first OB visit? - ✔✔PMH, Fx history, Genetic hx (mom & dad) 9. What is indicated when clu cells are seen? - ✔✔BV 10. What is the treatment for BV - ✔✔metronidazole (Flagyl) 500mg BID x 7 days 11. What are presumptive (subjective) signs of pregnancy? - ✔✔Amenorrhea, N/V, FATIGUE, urine frequency, breast changes, quickening, pigment, striae 12. What are probable (objective) signs of pregnancy? - ✔✔+ HCG, enlarged Abdo, fetal outline, Balloment, Braxton, Chadwick's, Goodall's, Hegar's signs 13. What are positive signs of pregnancy? - ✔✔Fetal HT, U/S, fetal movement 14. What does a bluish cervix indicate? - ✔✔Chadwick's sign 15. How to use Nageles rule - ✔✔+ 7 days - 3 mos 16. What are signs of preeclampsia? - ✔✔rapid weight gain, edema to hands and face, HTN, H/A, visual changes, proteinuria, epigastric pain 17. What is the treatment of preeclampsia? - ✔✔Bedrest, (nifedipine, hydralazine) if severe delivery of the fetus 18. What does HELLP stand for? - ✔✔hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets 19. S/S of HELLP - ✔✔EDEMA, N/V, RUQ pain 20. What should 'at home' plan be for preeclampsia? - ✔✔high protein diet, daily kick counts, wkly non-stress test & contraction monitor, monitor for hand and face edema, visual changes, B/P, epigastric pain 21. When will you see a drop in the fundal height? - ✔✔at 36 weeks as the head drops into canal 22. When is subinvolution suspected - ✔✔when [Show More]

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