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NR 602 Midterm Study Guide. New 2020. A Graded

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1. Role-play with equipment during the course of a physical examination would be most beneficial with which of the following groups? - Preschoolers/Toddlers 2. What is the Ortolani Sign? -Assess ... for congenital hip dysplasia 3. When performing a physical examination of a toddler, which of the following body parts would examine last? - Ears and throat 4. What are three findings using Jones criteria for Rheumatic Fever? -Streptococal infection, carditis, and erythema marginatum 5. While examining a 4-month-old boy, you are unable to palpate one of his testes. The next most appropriate step is: - Refer the child to a urologist 6. Concurrent Otitis media and Conjunctivitis is likely due to which? - Haemophilus influenza 7. What is the appropriate management of a child with asthma who presents with acute wheezing and/or coughing? - Administer a short-acting beta agonist 8. Sandra, age 12 years, has several vesicles and honey-colored crusted lesions on her face above the right nares. She has a history of having a bad scratch in the same area several days ago. What condition do you suspect? -Impetigo [Show More]

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