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ATI Nutrition Proctored Exam Foods high in potassium: (ANS – apricots Bananas potatoes tomatoes avocado fish spinach beans A... nurse is reinforcing diet teaching to a client who has type 2 DM. Which of the following should the nurse include in the teaching? Select all that apply. A. Carbs should comprise 55% of daily caloric intake B. Use hydrogenated oils for cooking C. Table sugar may be added to cereals D. Drink an alcoholic beverage w/meals E. Protein foods can be substituted for carb foods (ANS - A, C, D Not B-hydrogenated oils contain trans fatty acids & cause hyperlipidemia Not E-carbs can be exchanged but not w/proteins A nurse is reviewing dietary guidelines to include in the plan of care for a client who has type 2 DM. Which of the following guidelines should the nurse include? Select all that apply. A. Weight management B. Lipid profile C. Cultural needs D. Sleep patterns E. Personal preferences (ANS - A, B, C, E To avoid hypoglycemia, the client should consume alcohol... (ANS - with a meal or immediately after a meal _______________can be included in a diabetic diet as long as adequate insulin or other agents are provided to cover the sugar intake. (ANS - Sucrose (table sugar) The nurse should instruct the diabetic client that their intake of carbohydrates should be ___to___% of total daily caloric intake. (ANS - 45-60% The lacto-ovo vegetarian diet includes: (ANS - dairy products and eggs A nurse is teaching a client measures for healthy bones. Which of the following statements by the client requires additional teaching? A. "I will eat foods high in calcium." B. "I will increase my fluid intake." C. "I should participate in weight bearing exercises." D. "I should get my vitamin D from the sunlight." (ANS - B. Increasing fluid does not promote healthy bones A nurse is conducting a nutritional class to a group of newly licensed nurses. Which of the following should be included in the teaching? A. Limit saturated fat to 10% of total caloric intake. B. Good bowel function requires 35 g/day of fiber for women. C. Limit cholesterol consumption to 400 mg/day D. Normal functioning cardiac systems depends on B-complex vitamins (ANS - A A nurse is discussing essential nutrients for normal functioning of the nervous system. Which of the following should be included in the teaching? Select all that apply. A. Calcium B. Thiamin C. Vitamin B6 D. Sodium E. Phosphorus (ANS - A, B, C, D A school nurse is teaching a group of students how to read food labels. Which of the following should be included in the teaching? Select all that apply. A. Total carbohydrates B. Total fat C. Calories D. Magnesium E. Dietary fiber (ANS - A, B, C, E Normal functioning of the nervous system depends on adequate levels of the B-complex vitamins, especially: and also adequate levels of ____and _____for regulators of nerve responses. (ANS - thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6 and B12 [Show More]

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