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RN Pharm Form B with Questions and Answers Score : 100%

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1. A client who is taking propranolol ( Inderal) is being admitted to the medical unit. During the admission assessment, which of the following should the nurse document as an adverse effect of this ... medication? 0 Chest Pain 0 Hypotention • Hyperglycemia 0 Tachycardia 2. In which of the following situations is the administration of a dose of DTap contraindicated? ( Select all that apply) o Severe febrile illness • History of prior anaphylactic reaction to DTap vaccination' • Occurrence of encephalopathy 7 days after administration of DTaP immunization ., Occurrence of seizures within 3 days of previous vaccination 3. A nurse is teaching a client with PUD how to properly self-administer ranitidine ( Zantac ). Which of the following client statements indicates effective teaching by the nurse? 41> I will call my doctor if my stools look black and sticky o I will take Zantac regularly until my burning symptoms disappear o I need to take Zantac on an empty stomach o I can take ibuprofen if I have minor aches and pains . • • ._._ -.-_._-------------_.- •• _. 0 __ • __ -----_.-------_·---_._-._. ----------- -- 4. A client who is taking rifampin ( Rifadin ) for active Tuberculosis report that his urine, sweat, saliva, and tears have developed a red-orange tinge. How should the nurse interpret these discolorations? • The client has developed renal failure and will need dialysis. o These fire common harmless side effects that should be documented. o These are signs that the client has developed hepatic failure. o The effects indicate a need for increased fluid intake. S. A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving a dopamine ( Intropin ) infusion for shock. Which of the following assessment findings indicate to the nurse that he should increase the infusion? 0 Tachycardia 0 Dysrhythmia • Hypotension 0 Chest pain / 6. A nurse is providing teaching to a client receiving tamoxifen ( Nolvadex ) for breast cancer prevention. Which of the following statements indicates the client has understood the teaching? • "I may experience hot flashes" o "I will be so excited when I finally get pregnant" o "I should be sure to drink plenty of milk" o "I will eat a diet high in fat to prevent weight loss" 7. Terbutaline ( Brethine ) is indicated in preterm labor to • Stop uterine contraction. o Prevent bleeding. o Promote placental blood flow. o Increase prostaglandin production 8. A client exhibits a ventricular dysrhythmia. Which of the following medications should the nurse prepare to administer? o Atropine o Lidocaine • Epinephrine o Calcium gluconate 9. A client is taking cromolyn ( Intal ) to manage asthma. During exercise the client develops an acute asthmatic attack. The client's mother contacts the nurse to inquire if an increased dose of cromolyn will .__. be_effective.fot:-this-sudde-n-episode-.-Which-of the-following-responses- by trrerrursats appro-pnafer----------- -.-- .- e "Cromolyn is a long term management medication." o "Cromolyn will dilate the bronchioles and is very effective" o "Cromolyn will take effect in only a few minutes." o "Cromolyn can be used after exercising." o A client who is over 40 years of age. • A client who is pregnant o A client who is 5 kg ( llib ) underweight 10. For which of the following clients would radioactive iodine ( 131 I ) be contraindicated? a A client who is scheduled for thyroid surgery. AT! Document. Mak.InR copy of thiS document IS Drohiblr~rl J 11. Client teaching to prevent first-dose hypotension should include which of the following? o Taking the medication with a full glassof water. • Taking the medication at bedtime. o Taking the medication right before driving to work. o Taking the medication at the same time as a diuretic .. 12. A nurse is providing teaching to an older adult client to promote compliance with medication administration. Which of the following instructions should be included? ( Select all that apply) • Placepills in daily pill holders. o Only take medications when not feeling well. • Ask a relative to check in periodically. o Wait until all medications are finished before refilling prescriptions. 13. A nurse is providing discharge teaching to a client who is taking amoxicillin clavulanate (Augmentin). During teaching, the client reports taking other medications. Which of the following medications taken by the client alerts the nurse to the need for further teaching? o Atenolol ( Tenormin ) o Ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone ( Ortho- Novum 1/50) o Hydrochlorothiazide (HydroDiuril) • Metformin ( Glucophage ) 14. A 65-year-old client's laboratory work indicates hypoalbuminemia. Related to medication therapy, this may-result-irr.----·------------ .-.-- .------- . ----------·------·-------.----------.- ----- ..---- o Reduced therapeutic effect. o Decreased medication metabolism. o Prolonged half-life of the medication . ., Excessfree medication and possible toxicity. o NPH insulin ( Humulin N ) • Warfarin ( Coumadin ) o Furosemide (Lasix) o Pantoprazole ( Protonix ) 15. A client presents to the emergency department and is diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleeding. Which of the following prescribed medications reported by the client should the nurse anticipate the primary care provider will discontinue? 16. A nurse 22-year-old female is being treated for mycobacterium tuberculosis with rifampin ( Rifadin ) 600 mg Po daily. Which of the following should the nurse question the patient about? a Her diet. a Sun exposure. a Type of exercise she does. • Use of contact lenses. 17. When taking a client's medication history, a nurse knows that. a Smoking will have no effect on medication action. • Over-the-counter medications need to be included. a Most medications are not affected by the use of alcohol. a Use of herbal products usually has no effect on prescribed medications. 18. A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving a fentanyl transdermal system ( Duragesic ). Which of the following is most important to document in the client's record. • Respiratory rate. a Skin integrity. a Fluid intake. a Pulse rate ..._ .._. . ... ___._._ ..19.-After: a.dlent.via.Iv. push., The...nurse...shouldmonitorJor: CL.-_- .. _ a Sudden decrease in heart rate. • Sudden increase in heart rate. a Rapid increase of aPTI. a Rapid decrease of aPTI. 20. A client starting on cyclobenzaprine ( Flexeril ) should be informed that he may experience which of the following anticholinergic side effects? • Dry mouth a Bradycardia a Diarrhea ;I:' a Urinary frequency. 21. Which of the following statements by a client receiving warfarin ( Coumadin ) indicates a need for further teaching? o U I will use a laxative every other day U o U I ate some caramel corn yesterday." o "I use antacids once in a while." ., "1 always have aspirin with me to use for my headaches." 22. A nurse is administrating 2mg of morphine sulfate via IV route to a client for postoperative pain. Which of the following actions should the nurse take next? o Ask the client to rate his pain. o Monitor the client's fluid intake. • Record the administration of the medication. o Provide the client with a quiet environment. 23. Which of the following agents is used to treat cytomegalovirus ( CMV ) and is administered only intravenously? o Cidofovir ( Vistide ) o Ganciclovir ( Cytovene ) • Foscarnet ( Foscavir ) o Valganciclovir ( Valcyte ) --- ~--'---'---"----'- .._-----.- ..----.--,--------~ -... - ..-.- .-_. --_.'--".--- ---.- -.._- .---_._--_ .. .._- -- -- ---- - - ------------------- - ------- ------- ------------- 24. A nurse is teaching a client and family about administering nitroglycerine ( Nitrostat ) sublingual tablets for chest pain. Which of the following statements by the family indicates an understanding of the teaching? o "1 can take a second pill after 15 min if I still have pain." o "1 will wait to take the medication until the pain becomes severe." o U I will place tablets in my pill holder to carry with me." • "1 should feel tingling under my tongue when I take the medication. " 25. When administering an oral medication to a client, a nurse should • Asses the client's ability to swallow. o Administer the medication with grapefruit Juice. o Not give oral medications to a client with a nasogastric tube in place. o Crush enteric coated tablets if the clients has trouble swallowing. ______________________________________26. A woman who is lactating is to begin taking an antimicrobial medication. Shetells the nurse she doesn't want to take the medication because it may harm her baby who is breastfeeding. An appropriate response by the nurse should be. o /I You don't have to take the medication if you don't want to" • " Taking the medication immediately after breastfeeding will minimize any effect on your baby" o "You can bottle feed your baby while taking this medication." o "The medication cannot passthrough your breast milk to your baby." 27. A client taking colchicine to prevent acute gout attacks calls his primary care provider reporting diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Which of the following instructions should the client be given. o Take an antacid, and call back in the morning. o Get plenty of rest to prevent dehydration. • Stop taking the medication, and come in to see his primary care provider now. o Take the medication every other day u [Show More]

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