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HESI RN Pharmacology Exam Review/ Latest 2022/ Guaranteed A+ Guide

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A client with open angle glaucoma is using pilocarpine ophthalmic solution, a mitotic agent. Which action should the nurse at the eye clinic include in evaluating the effectiveness of the medication? ... (ANS - Check amount of drainage from each eye The nurse is preparing medication for a client with bipolar disorder and notice that the antipsychotic medication was discontinued several days ago. Which medication should also be discontinued? (ANS - Lithium (Lithotabs) The nurse is teaching the client about the rationale for administering a dose of desmopressin acetate (DDVAP) intranasally at bedtime. Which client goal is achieved is achieved by having the client administer this medication as described by the nurse?(ANS - Reduce Nocturia One hour after receiving the initial dose of doxazosin, a male client with benign prostate hypertrophy complains of a rapid heartbeat and dizziness. He is sitting at the side of the bed finishing his bedtime snack. His radial pulse is 144 beats/minute. What action should the nurse take first? (ANS - Obtain his blood pressure and apical pulse rate A client reports epigastric pain an hour after receiving an oral dose of ketorolac (Toradol). Which action should the nurse implement? (ANS - Continue to monitor the client for GI distress. [Show More]

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