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Hesi Med-Surg Review What instruction should the nurse include in the discharge teaching plan of a client who had a cataract extraction today? (ANS- Light housekeeping is permitted but avoid heavy ... lifting A male adult comes to the urgent care clinic 5 days after being diagnose with influenza. He is short of breath, febrile, and coughing green colored sputum. Which intervention should the nurse implement first? (ANS- Obtain a sputum sample for culture An elder male client tells the nurse that he is loosing sleep because he has to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom that he has trouble starting his urinary stream and that he does not feel like his bladder is ever completely empty. Which intervention should the nurse implement? (ANS- palpate the bladder above the symphysis pubis An adult client is admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and a urinary tract infection (UTI) Prescriptions for intravenous antibiotics and insulin infusion are initiated. Which serum laboratory value warrants the most immediate intervention by the nurse? (ANS- potassium of 2.5 meq/l A client with sickle cell anemia develops a fever during the last hour of administration of a unit of packed red blood cell. When notifying the healthcare provider what information should the nurse provide first using the SBAR communication process? (ANS- explain specific reason for urgent notification An adult male client is admitted for pneumocystis carinil pneumonia (PCP) secondary to aids. While hospitalize he receives IV pentamidine isethionate therapy. In preparing this client for discharge what important aspect regarding his medication therapy should the nurse explain? (ANS- It will be necessary to continue prophylactic doses of IV or aerosol pentamine every month A client subjective data includes dysuria, urgency, and urinary frequency. What action should the nurse implement next? (ANS- .collect a clean catch specimen A client tells the nurse that her biopsy results indicate that the cancer cells are well differentiated How should the nurse respond? (ANS- ask the client in the healthcare provider has giving her any information about the classification of her cancer A client with a chronic kidney disease is treated on hemodialysis. During the 1 treatment clients blood pressure drops from 150/90 to 80/30 Which action should the nurse take first? (ANS- stop dialysis treatment A client with deep vain thrombosis (DVT) is receiving a continues infusion of heparin sodium 25,000 unit in 5% dextrose injection 250ml. The prescription indicates the dosage should be increase 900 units/hr. The nurse should program the infusion pump to deliver how many ml/hr? (ANS- 9 [Show More]

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