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HESI A2 - Anatomy & Physiology (Practice Test). Predictor exam questions and answers.

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What mineral is responsible for muscle contractions? - Calcium In which of the following locations would the urinary bladder and internal reproductive organs be found? - Pelvic cavity What separ... ates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity? - Diaphragm Which of the followingepithelial types is correctly matchedwith its major function? - Simple columnar epithelium - secretion or absorption A tissue examined under the microscope exhibits the following characteristics: cells found on internal surface of stomach, no extracellular matrix, cells tall and thin, no blood vessels in the tissue. What type of tissue is this? - Epithelial Nerve tissue is composed of neurons and connective tissue cells that are referred to as which of the following? - Neuroglia Which tissue serves as the framework of the body by providing support and structure for the organs? - Connective What is the basic unit of life and the building block of tissues and organs? - Cell Which type of cell division takes place in the gonads? - Meiosis In what area of the body would you expect to find an especially thick stratum corneum? - Heel of the foot What are the glands of skin that produce a thin, watery secretion? - Eccrine glands Skin aids in maintaining the calcium and phosphate levels of the body by participating in the production of which of the following? - Vitamin D Which of the following are functions of the skeletal system? (Select all that apply) - Support the body Hemopoiesis (process by which new blood cells are formed; bone marrow) Provide protection [Show More]

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