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A person who has damage to their ulnar nerve will have decrease sensation in? - The arm Which bone does not articulate with any other bone? - hyoid bone Which of the following statements best de... scribes the endocrine glands? - They secrete chemicals into the blood Diet is important because bone are storage places for ? - calcium and phosphorous Which organ is part of both the male reproductive system and the urinary system? - urethra What structure conduct urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder? - Ureter When assessing a female client who describes herself as a vegetarian in the nurse notes that she has an unusual skin color. The nurse should ask the client if she has eaten a large amount of ? - Carrot and squash Which hand position describes an anatomical position of a person who is standing erect with feet forward? - Palms of the hand facing anterior Which structure is a ball and socket joint? - Shoulder Which anatomical structure houses the malleus, incus, and stapes? - Skull ear What are like cells grouped together called? - tissue The pulse point located behind the knee is palpated over which artery? - popliteal artery Ceruminous glands secrete ? - ear wax What type of joint is the elbow? - hinge joint What is the response of cells in the collecting tubules in the nephrons when ADH hormone is secreted? - Water is reabsorbed from the urinary filtrate What is the function of thrombocytes? - blood clotting Which muscle of the quadriceps femoris group lies on the slide surface of the lower extremity? - vastus lateralis Which structure is located on the sternum? - xiphoid process Two principles division that make up the nervous system? - The peripheral (PNS) and the central (CNS) Tissue repair is enhanced by a diet high in? - Protein What are hormones? - chemical messengers What are fingerprints made of? - friction ridges Which of the following locations would the urinary bladder and internal reproductive organs be found ? - Pelvic region which one increases angle at the joint? - extensor What bones are formed first during intramembranous ossification? - Flat bone of facial and cranial What makes up most plasma? - Water Heart with the largest layer? - left ventricle distal covoluted tubule works with what hormone? - ADH vastus lateralis??? - extends knee and stabilizes Which organ system is responsible for regulating muscle growth? - The endocrine system Capillaries ? - Carry blood from the body in order to exchange nutrients, oxygen and waste Convert 5 3/4 to a decimal. Round to the nearest tenth. A. 5.75 B. 5.7 C. 5.8 D. 6 - C. 5.8 A warehouse worker ships 25 boxes each day. Every box contains 3 shipping labels. Inventory has 500 shipping labels. How many days will it take to use the inventory of shipping labels? Round to the nearest whole. A. 7 days B. 8 days C. 20 days D. 6 days - A. 7 days Ratio and proportion. 6:10::24:x A. 40 B. 25 C. 240 D. 4 - A. 40 A class of 25 students has 44% of boys. How many boys are there? A. 10 boys B. 11 boys C. 9 boys D. 13 boys - B. 11 boys 3.44 divided by 0.6 A. 0.57 B. 5.73 C. 11.41 D. 2.33 - B. 5.73 Solve if x=11. x+44/2x A. 55/22 B. 33 C. c D. 13 - D. 13 4 & 7/8 divided by 1 & 1/6 A. 4 & 5/28 B. 4 & 6/8 C. 4 & 7/8 D. 5 & 8/14 - A. 4 & 5/28 Add. 6 & 3/4 + 8 & 1/6 A. 35/6 B. 14 & 2/5 C. 14 & 11/12 D. 12 & 3/24 - C. 14 & 11/12 Solve for x. x/250=3/500 A. 1.5 B. 2.5 C. 1500 D. 25.5 - A. 1.5 A dice is rolled. What is the probability of getting 5? A. 20% B. 50% C. 16.6% D. 83.3% - C. 16.6% Convert to metric: 7 gram = x mg A. 700mg B. 0.007 mg C. 7,000 mg D. 0.0007 mg - C. 7,000 mg Sally eats 3/5 of her lunch. John eats 75%. Who ate more? A. John B. Sally - A. John Add 1/4 + 3/8. A. 4/12 B. 5/8 C. 1/2 D. 1/3 - B. 5/8 How many ounces in 8 & 1/4 pints? A. 136 oz B. 128 oz C. 132 oz D. 2.25 oz - C. 132 oz [Show More]

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