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NRNP 6550 Advanced Care of Adults in Acute Settings II i-Human: Ken Fowler V5 Week 7/ Complete Solution

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NOTES FROM i-HUMAN ASSESSMENT: 1) Observations: warm and sweaty 2) Chief complaint: Nausea and fatigue QUESTIONS: (ask the patient up to 100 questions) 1) How can I help you today? "I went to see my d... octor this morning because I have been feeling bad for the past few days. I'm tired, with nausea & vomiting. Well, he examined me and ordered some labs, and then told me that "kidneys are failing," something about a big change in my creatinine and that I needed to come to the emergency department. He told me to bring the test results here with me. [Test results today: creatinine 3.2 mg/dL; 1 month ago Test results 1.1 mg/dL; urine protein = 400 mg microalbuminuria] Do you understand what all that means? I sure don't!" 2) Do you have any other symptoms or concerns we should discuss? I also feel exhausted, probably from all the vomiting and not eating. [Show More]

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