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BioChem C785 - WGU - Module 1(Latest 2022) All Questions& Answers

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DNA replication is semiconservative, which allows each of the 2 strands to serve as a template for the new strands (ANS- true Recall that the DNA polymerase must bind a double-stranded polymer be... fore it can start making its own DNA polymer. What helps the DNA polymerase to overcome this problem in DNA replication? (ANS- RNA primers Several components of cigarette smoke, including benzopyrene, insert themselves into the DNA and lead to several types of mutations such as frameshift mutations, including both insertions and deletion. Which repair pathway would be used to repair this type of damage? (ANS- Nucleotide Excision Repair Maternal smoking during pregnancy is hazardous yet common in many places. Many studies have associated prenatal smoking to unhealthy physical and psychological outcomes for the baby. Researchers know that maternal smoking affects are epigenetic in nature. Which event can be considered epigenetic in nature? (ANS- Changes in chromatin structure Blood is what type of inheritance? (ANS- codominance What is the probability that a child will have an autosomal dominant disease if their father is heterozygous for the allele and their mother is homozygous for the normal allelle? (ANS- 50% What is the complementary DNA strand for the DNA sequence 5'-ATT CGG GCT CCC - 3' (ANS- 5'- GGG AGC CCG AAT - 3' A research scientist is trying to create a new strain of bacteria that can produce a protein needed for her research. What molecule will act as a template in creating the new protein? (ANS- messenger RNA (mRNA) [Show More]

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