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HSM-542 Week 2 Discussion 1: Delineation of Clinical Privileges (TOP SCORE) and Discussion 2: Ethics Committee | GRADED A

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HSM 542 Week 2 You Decide Assignment: Margie Whitson Case HSM-542 Week 2 Discussion 1: Delineation of Clinical Privileges How does a hospital medical staff determine that a physician applicant is q... ualified and competent to perform all procedures requested on his or her delineation of clinical privileges? By way of process, what happens next once the medical staff has completed this assessment process? Why is regular reappointment to the medical staff important for patient safety? HSM 542 Week 2 Discussion 2: Ethics Committee Identify an issue that an institutional ethics committee may have to face in a healthcare setting. Discuss what the ethics committee might do in that scenario and how its decision might impact the operations and policies of the healthcare organiz [Show More]

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