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CSTU 101 Quiz 6 ( Version 3)2019/20 Liberty University answers complete solutions { Attempt Score: 80/80 Verified}

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CSTU 101 Quiz 6 Liberty University answers complete solutions { Attempt Score: 80/80 Verified} 2019/20. Question 1 Who painted a tribute to the greatest figures of classical antiquity in the area of... philosophy? Question 2 During the period between 1000–1350, the economy of Europe did not develop much because of little technology being developed. Question 3 Many of the Gothic churches had what shape in the interior? Question 4 Historians have traditionally described how Europe fell into a period of the “Dark Ages” after which date? Question 5 We defined the Renaissance as a cultural movement that produced artistic transformation and _____. Question 6 During the period of 750–1000, Carolingian rulers dominated European life. Question 7 What were two classical values that inspired the Renaissance humanists? Question 8 The Black Death arrived on the docks from London and spread to Europe. Question 9 Which of these go together? Question 10 Science was not very prominent in the medieval intellectual activity. Question 11 Romanesque Architecture developed from the Gothic Architecture Question 12 The statement that “man is the maker and molder of himself” comes from which writer? Question 13 This poem is about a warrior from southern Sweden who sails to his uncle’s court in Denmark where he slays the monster. Grendel. Question 14 What did medieval pilgrims travel to a cathedral to see? Question 15 A period of Cultural Rebirth in Europe. Question 16 Which century was marked by famine and plague in western Europe? Question 17 According to Schaeffer, what statue was a statement of what the humanistic man saw himself as being tomorrow? Question 18 During this time period there was literature for town dwellers as well as country folks. This type of literature was satirical poems depicting ordinary people in events of everyday life with vigorous and coarse humor while ridiculing conventional morality. Question 19 Who described the cosmos as an intricately arranged hierarchy? Question 20 Who depicted the Medici family as wise men in his painting? Question 21 The history of the Crusades illustrates the principle known as the “law of unintended consequences.” Question 22 Despite the authority of the medieval Catholic church, there was a tremendous amount of diversity within medieval literature. Question 23 The French term “Notre Dame” refers to the Virgin Mary. Question 24 The invention of movable type was one of the most significant developments of the early modern period. Question 25 The rise of the middle class is one of the most significant factors that has shaped the modern western world. Question 26 The heliocentric model of the universe was taught by ancient astronomers. Question 27 Gothic cathedrals were considerably darker than Romanesque cathedrals. Question 28 The so­called Children’s Crusade was the only crusade that was “successful” in any meaningful sense. Question 29 Renaissance intellectuals considered themselves to be both humanists and Christians. Question 30 The shift from the medieval to the modern world can be described simply as the shift from a vertical to a horizontal model of reality. [Show More]

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