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MATH 225N Statistics Final EXAM (2020) – Chamberlain College

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MATH 225N WEEK 8 STATISTCS FINAL EXAM 1/1 POINTS A fitness center claims that the mean amount of time that a person spends at the gym per visit is 33 minutes. Identify the null hypothesis, H0, and t... he alternative hypothesis, Ha, in terms of the parameter μ. That is correct! H0: μ≠33; Ha: μ=33 H0: μ=33; Ha: μ≠33 H0: μ≥33; Ha: μ<33 H0: μ≤33; Ha: μ>33 Answer Explanation Correct answer: Let the parameter μ be used to represent the mean. The null hypothesis is always stated with some form of equality: equal (=), greater than or equal to (≥), or less than or equal to (≤). Therefore, in this case, the null hypothesis H0 is μ=33. The alternative hypothesis is contradictory to the null hypothesis, so Ha is μ≠33. [Show More]

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