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MAIN VERSION PRIORITY ONE.docx Exit Exam. 180 questions and 100% rationale answers. proven Graded A material

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A nursing planning care for a school-age child who is 4 hr postoperative following perforated appendicitis. Which of the following actions should the nurse include in the plan of care? a. Offer sm... all amounts of clear liquids 6 hr following surgery (assess for gag reflex first) b. Give cromolyn nebulizer solution every 6 hr (for asthma) c. Apply a warm compress to the operative site every 4 hr d. Administer analgesics on a scheduled basis for the first 24 hr Rationale Fundamentals ATI PDF p229: Managing acute severe pain with short-term (24 to 48 hr) around-the-clock administration of opioids is preferable to following a PRN schedule. ATI PEDS 144 Maintain NPO. Administer IV fluids and antibiotics as prescribed. NO cromolyn nebulizer stated on ATI. 3. A nurse is receiving change-of-shift report for a group of clients. Which of the following clients should the nurse plan to assess first? a. A client who has sinus arrhythmia and is receiving cardiac monitoring b. A client who has diabetes mellitus and a hemoglobin A1C of 6.8% c. A client who has epidural analgesia and weakness in the lower extremities d. A client who has a hip fracture and a new onset of tachypnea Rationale Med Surg ATI PDF p457: s/s of fat embolism (dyspnea, increased RR, decreased O2, headache, decreased LOC r/t low O2 levels, respiratory distress, tachycardia, confusion, chest pain), Hip and pelvis fractures are common causes, can occur after injury usually within 12-48 hrs 4. A nurse is preparing to apply a transdermal nicotine patch for a client. Which of the following actions should the nurse tak e? a. Shave hairy areas of skin prior to application (apply to hairless, clean & dry areas to promote absorption; avoid oily or broken skin) b. Wear gloves to apply the patch to the client’s skin c. Apply the patch within 1 hr of removing it from the protective pouch (apply immediately) d. Remove the previous patch and place it in a tissue (fold patch in half with sticky sides pressed together) Rationale https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a601084.html : How to apply patch Rationale ATI Skills Module Medication Administration: Topical medications include lotions, creams, ointments, patches, and paste. Because topical medications are absorbed by the skin, wear gloves when applying them to protect yourself against accidental exposure Shaving may cause skin irritation and change the absorption of the drug. 5. A nurse has just received change-of-shift report for four clients. Which of the following clients should the nurse assess first? a. A client who was just given a glass of orange juice for a low blood glucose level b. A client who is schedule for a procedure i [Show More]

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