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G150/PHA1500 - Module 05 Quiz: The Respiratory and Urinary Systems - Attempt Score 20/20.

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Course G150/PHA1500 Test Module 05 Quiz: The Respiratory and Urinary Systems • Question 1 What is the main muscle involved in pulmonary ventilation? • Question ... 2 Gas exchange in the lungs occurs in the: • Question 3 For air to enter into the lungs, the intrapulmonary pressure (pressure within the lungs) has to be higher than the atmospheric pressure. • Question 4 Which respiratory condition is marked by spasms in the bronchi making it difficult to breathe? • Question 5 What muscle is not involved in the pulmonary ventilation (respiration) process? • Question 6 The pleura of the lungs assist in the pulmonary ventilation and allow the lungs to expand without any friction in the thoracic cavity. • Question 7 The respiratory muscles allow for the thoracic cavity to expand, which increases the lung volume and decreases the intrapulmonary pressure. • Question 8 For oxygen gas exchange to occur between the lungs and circulatory system (blood vessels) there has to be a high concentration of oxygen in the blood vessels and a low concentration of oxygen in the lungs. • Question 9 What is the role of the epiglottis? • Question 10 What statement is true regarding the upper respiratory system? • Question 11 Which portion of the nephron is involved in producing the filtrate from the blood? • Question 12 The urethra transports urine from the kidney to the bladder. • Question 13 What is the basic functional tissue of the urinary system? • Question 14 Reabsorption of nutrients and substances within the kidneys occurs within the renal tubular portion of the nephron. • Question 15 Which hormone causes an increase in blood volume and pressure? • Question 16 Renal insufficiency occurs when there is extensive damage to nephrons, impairing the ability of the kidney to function. • Question 17 The glomerulus is the portion of the nephron that fluid, mostly blood plasma, is filtered out of and is collected in the Bowman’s capsule. • Question 18 What statement is true regarding the kidneys? • Question 19 The term micturition refers to the process of sending urine down from the kidneys to the bladder. • Question 20 What portion of the nephron is charged with making urine? [Show More]

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