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Maryland Technology Consulting Stage 4: System Recommendation and Final BA&SR Report Student Name IFSM 300 4525 Information Systems in Organizations (2198) University of Maryland University... College Date Stage 4: System Recommendation and Final BA&SR Report IV. System Recommendation A. System Justification EZ-ATS is a cloud-based single platform software as a service application that helps organizations with hiring through tracking, reduced workload, professional interaction, and system and data security (UMUC Hiring Solutions, 2019). This cloud-based automated hiring virtual machine is about bringing the best talents in the job market through screening out the best and not weeding out the poorest. The software is enhanced with analytics to predict a candidate’s success in certain roles. This is also in line with the finding so of the National Bureau of Economic Research that suggest algorithms produce better hiring decisions compared to humans (Boodee, 2018). Accessing enterprise software from the cloud possesses numerous advantages. Because the software is already assembled and installed, it does not take up much time to get it going in the company. The vendor taking responsibility for maintenance and upgrades subsidizes the cost significantly and also means the MTC spends less on IT personnel. Because EZ-ATS services will be provided on an ongoing basis and payments received in a similar manner, UMUC Hiring Solutions Inc. Will have vested interest in providing top-notch services. These services range from more upgrades and quick customer service. In today's world, many people including MTC employees are accustomed to using the web, which makes EZ-ATS user-friendly. The AZ-ATS will allow hiring managers to spend their time concentrating on other things rather than the traditional way where hiring officials spent more than half of their days just looking for potential candidates to fill a job position. By using AZ-ATS in the sourcing and screening process, the hiring team at MTC could save up to 5 hours that could be used engaging candidates in other activities such as interviewing that requires the presence and the intelligence of a human being. When the right hiring tasks are automated, a substantial amount of time is left to perform in-door ones and record better outcomes. Time is saved through tracking an applicant in real-time made possible by the automated process. Information on the candidate, their response to posted questions and assessment scores can be captured in a candidate's tracking system. The automated system also makes it easy to update status and create constant enhancement reports with little difficulty, more accuracy and more often. Data that informs where the best candidates can be found can be captured with measurements that best predict performance, and how to enhance diversity within the workforce. Responding to candidates in a termly manner and ensuring their interest in the post remains alive has been a concern raised in the traditional hiring process. With AZ-ATS and its automated capabilities, candidates are offered one-click solutions that encourage more applications. The software also has the capability to remain in contact with an applicant, issuing prompt feedback on their application status and the entire recruitment process. The reduced hiring time is another factor presented by this automated system that can significantly improve customer experience. VIP candidates understand their value and would only associate themselves with organizations they deem fit to accommodate their extensive talents. With the automated system the VIP candidate can be afforded a satisfactory experience without the recruiters being required to employ tons of physical effort. B. Implementation Plan Overlooking a recruitment plan is a recipe for failure. Using automated hiring systems is without a doubt full of obstacles especially in the initial stages that includes shifting from the old system to a new one. Although the reasons for adopted an automated hiring system sounds fancy and profitable, research suggests that many organization achieve only moderate outcomes (Handlogten, 2009). The finding also went on to suggest one of the factors contributing to the success of automated hiring systems was implementation. The research also concludes that the effectiveness of automated recruitment depends on the implementation of the service rather than the hiring source itself (Handlogten, 2009). A well-documented system implementation plan can thus ensure MTC maximizes the potential of the AZ-ATS system, which is tapping into the current talent pools and picking out the ideal candidates (Kuyoro, Okolie & Abel, 2012). Vendor agreement The vendor (UMUC Hiring Solutions, Inc.) agrees to implement a configured applicant tracking software (EZ-ATS) on behalf of MTC by the end of October 2019. The vendor will implement the system on time and on the agreed budget with the highest degree of service and quality unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties and documented. The vendor will work with/under the directions of the CIO, to ensure the terms of the agreement are met. The vendor requires MTC to sign a user Agreement after providing payment details. The initial 30 days include a free trial and the vendor does charge until the trial period ends after which MTC will be billed $100 each month to cater to its 60 users. Hardware and telecommunications A SaaS solution means that the vendor is responsible for the hardware and MTC does not have to purchase hardware in which the software will be installed. EZ-ATS is a simple system that authorized personnel at MTC can access using any devices including mobile devices, laptops, and workstations. This means that MTC [Show More]

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