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Nursing C157 Study Guide Questions and Answers Latest 2021/2022 Update

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Nursing C157 Study Guide Questions and Answers 1. The surgery department’s monthly case review revealed the need for the development of an innovation to better meet surgical patient outcomes. W... hich of the following would the Masters- prepared nurse need to consider having input from as part of the innovation development? • Surgical technician, risk manager and surgeon • Surgeon, scrub nurse and patient • Referring physician, circulating nurse and patient • Surgeon, risk manager and scrub nurse 2. The Masters-prepared nurse needs to assign a staff member to assist in the development of a quality improvement program for a new healthcare service. Which staff member is most appropriate for this project? • a newly hired staff member who has demonstrated competence and has time to complete the task • a motivated staff member who is actively seeking promotion • a competent staff member who has good interpersonal skills • a knowledgeable staff member who works best on defined tasks 3. The Masters-prepared nurse is a member of the discharge planning team that regularly monitors the number of inappropriate referrals, the timeliness of discharge planning, and the number of days of discharge delays. What additional aspect should the MSN recommend being added to the process for evaluating discharge planning interventions? • adequacy of documentation in progress notes • attainment of discharge planning goals • timeliness of referrals to discharge planning • number of discharge planning referrals from nursing 4. Pharmacy services and nursing services are having difficulty developing an action plan for reducing medication errors. Pharmacy services state nursing services are responsible for more issues related to errors, while nursing services state the opposite. What is the best action for the Maters-prepared nurse in resolving this dispute? • provide the members with directives on how to solve the problem • facilitate a discussion between the groups to enable them to problem-solve • assign the task to an uninvolved manager • refer the problem to the facility-wide quality council [Show More]

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