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Business Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment, 10e Jennings Brief Contents Contents Preface About the Author Acknowledgments Part 1: Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Judicial Environment ... Ch 1: Introduction to Law 1-1: Definition of Law 1-2: Classifications of Law 1-3: Purposes of Law 1-4: Characteristics of Law 1-5: The Theory of Law: Jurisprudence 1-6: Sources of Law 1-7: Introduction to International Law Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 2-1: What is Ethics? 2-2: What is Business Ethics? 2-3: What are the Categories of Ethical Dilemmas? 2-4: Resolution of Business Ethical Dilemmas 2-5: Why We Fail to Reach Good Decisions in Ethical Dilemmas 2-6: Social Responsibility: Another Layer of Business Ethics 2-7: Why Business Ethics? 2-8: Importance of Ethics in Business Success and the Costs of Unethical Conduct 2-9: Creation of an Ethical Culture in Business 2-10: Ethical Issues in International Business Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 3: The Judicial System 3-1: Types of Courts 3-2: How Courts Make Decisions 3-3: Parties in the Judicial System (Civil Cases) 3-4: The Concept of Jurisdiction 3-5: Subject Matter Jurisdictions of Courts: The Authority over Content 3-6: In Personam Jurisdiction of Courts: The Authority over Persons 3-7: The International Courts Summary Questions and Problems Note Ch 4: Managing Disputes: Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation Strategies 4-1: What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? 4-2: Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution 4-3: Resolution of International Disputes 4-4: Litigation versus ADR:The Issues and Costs 4-5: When You are in Litigation 4-6: Issues in International Litigation Summary Questions and Problems Notes Part 2: Business: It's Regulatory Environment Ch 5: Business and the Constitution 5-1: The U.S. Constitution 5-2: The Role of Judicial Review and the Constitution 5-3: Constitutional Limitations of Economic Regulations 5-4: State versus Federal Regulation of Business-Constitutional Conflicts: Preemption and the Suprem 5-5: Application of the Bill of Rights to Business 5-6: The Role of Constitutions in International Law Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 6: Administrative Law 6-1: What are Administrative Agencies? 6-2: Roles of Administrative Agencies 6-3: Laws Governing Administrative Agencies 6-4: The Functions of Administrative Agencies and Business Interaction 6-5: Business Rights in Agency Enforcement Action 6-6: The Role of Administrative Agencies in the International Market Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 7: International Law 7-1: Sources of International Law 7-2: Trust, Corruption, Trade, and Economics 7-3: Resolution of International Disputes 7-4: Principles of International Law 7-5: Protections in International Competition Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 8: Business Crime 8-1: What is Business Crime? The Crimes within a Corporation 8-2: What is Business Crime? The Crimes against a Corporation 8-3: Who is Liable for Business Crime? 8-4: Federal Laws Targeting Officers and Directors for Criminal Accountability 8-5: The Penalties for Business Crime 8-6: Reforming Criminal Penalties 8-7: Elements of Business Crime 8-8: Examples of Business Crimes 8-9: Procedural Rights for Business Criminals 8-10: Business Crime and International Business Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 9: Business Torts 9-1: What is a Tort? Roots of Law and Commerce 9-2: The Intentional Torts 9-3: Negligence 9-4: New Verdicts on Tort Reform Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 10: Cyberlaw, Social Media, and Privacy 10-1: Employers, Employees, and Cyberlaw 10-2: User Issues in Cyberspace 10-3: Appropriation and Other Forms of Unfair Competition in Cyberspace 10-4: Contract Issues in Cyberspace Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 11: Environmental Regulation and Sustainability 11-1: Common Law Remedies and the Environment 11-2: Statutory Environmental Laws 11-3: State Environmental Laws 11-4: Enforcement of Environmental Laws 11-5: International Environmental Issues Summary Questions and Problems Notes Part 3: Business Sales, Contracts, and Competition Ch 12: Contracts and Sales: Introduction and Formation 12-1: What is a Contract? 12-2: Sources of Contract Law 12-3: Types of Contracts 12-4: Consumer Credit Contracts 12-5: Formation of Contracts 12-6: Issues in Formation of International Contracts Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 13: Contracts and Sales: Performance and Remedies 13-1: Defenses in Contract Formation 13-2: Contract Performance 13-3: Nonperformance and Nonpayment-The Collection Remedies 13-4: Contract Remedies for Nonperformance 13-5: Third-Party Rights in Contracts 13-6: International Issues in Contract Performance Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 14: Product Advertising and Liability 14-1: Development of Product Liability 14-2: Advertising as a Contract Basis for Product Liability 14-3: Contract Product Liability Theories: Implied Warranties 14-4: Strict Tort Liability: Product Liability under Section 402A 14-5: Defenses to Product Liability Torts 14-6: Product Liability Reform 14-7: Federal Standards for Product Liability 14-8: International Issues in Product Liability Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 15: Products: Business Intellectual Property 15-1: What Can a Business Own? Intangible Property Rights 15-2: Patents 15-3: Copyrights 15-4: Trademarks 15-5: Trade Secrets 15-6: International Intellectual Property Issues 15-7: Enforcing Business Property Rights Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 16: Business Competition: Antitrust 16-1: What Interferes with Competition? Covenants Not to Compete 16-2: What Interferes with Competition? An Overview of the Federal Statutory Scheme on Restraint of 16-3: Horizontal Restraints of Trade 16-4: Vertical Trade Restraints 16-5: What are the Penalties and Remedies for Anticompetitive Behavior? 16-6: What Lies Ahead in Anticompetitive Behavior: The Antitrust Modernization Commission 16-7: Antitrust Issues in International Competition Summary Questions and Problems Notes Part 4: Business Management and Governance Ch 17: Management of Employee Conduct: Agency 17-1: Names and Roles: Agency Terminology 17-2: Creation of the Agency Relationship 17-3: The Principal-Agent Relationship 17-4: Liability of Principals for Agents' Conduct: The Relationship with Third Parties 17-5: Termination of the Agency Relationship 17-6: Termination of Agents under Employment at Will 17-7: Agency Relationships in International Law Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 18: Governance and Structure: Forms of Doing Business 18-1: Sole Proprietorships 18-2: Partnerships 18-3: Limited Partnerships 18-4: Corporations 18-5: Limited Liability Companies 18-6: Limited Liability Partnerships 18-7: International Issues in Business Structure Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 19: Governance and Regulation: Securities Law 19-1: History of Securities Law 19-2: Primary Offering Regulation: The 1933 Securities Act 19-3: The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 19-4: State Securities Laws 19-5: International Issues in Securities Laws Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 20: Management of Employee Welfare 20-1: Wage and Hours Protection 20-2: Workplace Safety 20-3: Employee Pensions, Retirement, and Social Security 20-4: Workers' Compensation Laws 20-5: Statutory Protections of Employees through Labor Unions 20-6: International Issues in Labor Summary Questions and Problems Notes Ch 21: Management: Employment Discrimination 21-1: History of Employment Discrimination Law 21-2: Employment Discrimination: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 21-3: Theories of Discrimination under Title VII 21-4: Specific Applications of Title VII 21-5: Antidiscrimination Laws and Affirmative Action 21-6: The Defenses to a Title VII Charge 21-7: Enforcement of Title VII 21-8: Other Antidiscrimination Laws 21-9: The Global Workforce Summary Questions and Problems Notes Appendix A: The United States Constitution Appendix B: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (Excerpts) Appendix C: The Uniform Commercial Code (Excerpts) Appendix D: Dodd-Frank (Wall Street Reform and Consumer Financial Protection Act) Key Provisions Appendix E: The Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Excerpts) Appendix F: Sarbanes-Oxley Key Provisions (Excerpts) Appendix G: The Copyright Act (As Amended) (Excerpts) Appendix H: Title VII and the Civil Rights Act (Employment Provisions) (Excerpts) Appendix I: The Americans with Disabilities Act (Excerpts) Glossary Table of Cases Table of Products, People, and Companies Index [Show More]

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