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quiz 2 NUR 216 Exam 2 Review with correct answers

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NUR 216 Exam 2 Review Nima Patel, Kayte Armstrong, Sarah Cho, Amanda Martin What are the parameters for orthostatic hypotension question? Select all that apply What factors increase puls... e rate? (Select all that apply) What are modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular disease? Select all that apply The client’s temperature at 8:00 AM using an oral electronic thermometer is 36.1°C (97.2°F). If the respiration, pulse, and blood pressure were within normal range, what would the nurse do next? Which clinical manifestation is most reflective of an early response to hypoxia? • RAT BED • Restlessness, anxiety, tachycardia/tachypnea • Bradycardia, extreme restlessness, dyspnea What stage is a blood pressure of 145/95 considered to be? What is the normal oral temperature range? Which of the following are risk factors for sensory deprivation? Select all that apply Which of the following are clinical manifestations of sensory overload? Select all that apply • Which of the following are related to delirium? Select all that apply Which of the following are appropriate interventions for promoting a therapeutic environment for a patient with delirium? SATA A surgical wound would be considered which of the following? SATA Which of the following are risk factors for pressure ulcers? Select all that apply Which of the following types of drainage consists of a red fluid with pus? Which of the following wound complications are at greatest risk of happening within 48 hours post-op? • When obtaining a wound drainage specimen for culture, which of the following demonstrates proper technique? Which of the following are appropriate practice guidelines for cleaning wounds? SATA Which of the following are true regarding the rebound phenomenon? SATA Taking a rectal temperature is contraindicated in which of the following instances? Which of the following is characteristic of the defervescence stage of a fever? What is the best, most accurate route for measuring temperature in infants? When using a glass thermometer, how long should it remain in place if using the rectal route? Which of the following factors result in an increases pulse rate? SATA • : a decreased volume of circulating blood in the body • This can lead to shock, a life-threatening condition in which the organs aren't getting enough blood or oxygen Which of the following are respiratory function considerations for older adults? SATA Which of the following are guidelines to follow for Oxygen Therapy? SATA Which of the following values for vital signs would the nurse address first? The nurse is taking a rectal temperature on a client who reports feeling lightheaded during the procedure. What would be the nurse's priority action? Which of the following are core temperatures? SATA Which of the following situations requires the nurse to take an apical pulse? SATA Where is the apical pulse located? Reduction of oxygen levels in the blood is known as: Which of the following describes a stage 2 pressure ulcer? Which type of fever is a client experiencing when the body temperature alternates at regular intervals between periods of fever and periods of normal/subnormal temperatures? .......................................................................................continued.......................................................................................... [Show More]

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