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FUNDAMENTALS PROCTORED EXAM 1.Can an RN delegate to the LPN to provide tracheostomy care to a client with pneumonia? Yes. 2.A nurse on a med-surg unit has received change-of-shift report & will car... e for 4 clients. Which of the following client's needs may the nurse assign to a assistive personnel (AP)? A. Feeding a client who was admitted 24 hrs ago w/aspiration pneumonia B. Reinforcing teaching w/a client who is learning to walk using a quad cane C. Reapplying a condom catheter for a client who has urinary incontinence D. Applying a sterile dressing to a pressure ulcer C. Reapplying a condom catheter for a client who has urinary incontinence Rationale: The application of a condom catheter is a noninvasive, routine procedure that the nurse may delegate to the AP 3.A nurse is delegating the ambulation of a client who had knee arthroplasty 5 days ago to an AP. Which of the following information should the nurse share with the AP? Select All. A. The roommate is up independently. B. The client ambulates w/his slippers on over his antiembolic stockings C. The client uses a front-wheeled walker when ambulating D. The client had pain medication 30 min ago E. The client is allergic to codeine F. The client ate 50% of his breakfast this morning B, C, D lOMoARcPSD|6457222 4.An RN is making assignments for client care to a LPN at the beginning of the shift. Which of the following assignments should the LPN question? A. Assisting a client who is 24hr postop to use an incentive spirometer B. Collecting a clean-catch urine specimen from a client who was admitted on the previous shift C. Providing nasopharyngeal suctioning for a client who has pneumonia D. Replacing the cartridge and tubing on a PCA pump D. Replacing the cartridge and tubing on a PCA pump Rationale: The RN is responsible for the PCA pump 5.A nurse is preparing an in-service program about delegation. Which of the following elements should she identify when presenting the 5 rights of delegation? Select all. A. Right client B. Right supervision/evaluation C. Right direction/communication D. Right time E. Right circumstances B, C, E Rational: A and D are rights of medication administration [Show More]

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